Can Any County Department Do What They Are Paid For!?!? Sangamon County Animal Control Accused Of Animal Cruelty!!

Today we bring you a very sad story…

Meet Yetti, a beautiful healthy dog.

A few week ago at Yetti’s home a 6year old neighbor came walking into his neighbor’s house (Yetti’s owner’s) unannounced. Naturally Yetti did what any dog would do inside its own home and nipped at the intruder. The young boy was scared, but not hurt and required no snitches or anything.

The 6 year old parent’s took the young boy to the hospital. It is mandatory for the hospital to report and dog bites to the local animal control, and that they did.

Sangamon County Animal Control then took Yetti for a 10 day observation hold. During the 10 days Yetti’s owners couldn’t visit him so they called daily to check on him. Yetti’s owner stated “Every single day they told me that Yetti was doing great that he was a loving dog and happy and full of energy and eating every day just fine.”.

Today they go to pick up Yetti and this is what they arrive to find…

Yetti’s owner stated “My poor baby has lost so much weight! His face is sunken in and you can see every single one of his bones!! He’s dirty and His coat is so thin when it should be growing extra hair for the winter! I’m in complete shock! I can’t believe they mistreated my dog so bad!”.

They also raised a good point “If they came to my house and found Yetti in this condition they would have taken him from me and arrested me for animal cruelty! How is this even possible?”.

We reached out to the Sangamon County Animal Control, but we were forwarded to a voicemail box.

This is an outrage and should not ever be happening! Something must be done! Lets share this around the whelm of social media, the county must answer to this!

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64 Comments on "Can Any County Department Do What They Are Paid For!?!? Sangamon County Animal Control Accused Of Animal Cruelty!!"

  1. Brian evangelists | October 16, 2015 at 8:11 pm | Reply

    a few corrections,I am mist is husband,the kid yeti bit did have scraps on his hand and elbow,and he did break the skin on the kids side.also,I was the person that calls animal control,I called four times in a span of ten days,pretty much very other day,every time,the front desk would put me on hold,then somebody would pick up the phone and tell me yeti was fine,happy,and eating and drinking.when I picked him up I paid 315,waited ,since he hadn’t had the rabies test,after a half hour they took me in back,as soon as I seen my dog,I blew up,I asked the guy what have they done to my dog,he replied that yeti only ate one bowl of food every two days,sometimes three.i told him about the phone calls and what was said to me,he just said that wasn’t him.the main problem is I would have brought yeti wet food,or scrap meat bones from humphreys,or raw food if he wasn’t eating,and he would have ate it,instead they starved my dog,he is weak,confused,and scared.shame on animal control,I was told he was doing fine,in fact,it was the complete opposite.noway I will ever let them take my dog again.yetti did nothing wrong,but has been punished worst then I could have ever dreamd

  2. The EXACT same thing happened to my dog at the Sangamon County Animal control. My dog was 22 days past his Rabies vaccination date. Neighbor kid came into yard (we have beware of the dog signs and no trespassing signs posted in several locations visible from where the incident happened) my dog nipped him. Kid did not need stitches but skin was broken on his bottom. Springfield Animal Control took him for 15 day hold. I called to ask how he was doing 3 or 4 times during 15 days. I was told he was fine. Eating, drinking. When I picked him up I couldn’t believe my eyes! My formally 75# dog looked HORRIBLE! He was SO scared. His ribcage was protruding like I have never even seen on an animal! I was furious! The guy that took me back to get him says “yeah he hasn’t been eating much” I was PISSED to say the least. When I read this story it instantly took me back to that day picking him up. I can’t believe they treat animals this way! Ridiculous!

  3. He absolutely did ! I am a witness to that!

  4. I myself gave yetti the three shots from farm and home to cover all his shots, I bought every shot they said he needed,parvo being one of them. Yetti being my first dog,I didn’t know rabies wasn’t in the shot package,that shot is the only shot he didn’t have

  5. A dog can look like that in 10 days! I’ve seen large frame dogs drop weight very fast! 10 days is a long time for a dog to go with out a normal diet

  6. I know these people personally and this is a true story Jennifer Ronen Walker. Are you serious? You have no connection to this at all unless you work for Sangamon County Animal control. They take excellent care of Yetti. And yes, I know I am related and see Yetti on a daily basis. Who the fuck are you ? Animal control is the worst in Springfield. They abuse authority on a daily basis. I wish you would try to dispute it.

  7. Had same thing happen to me like 20 years ago similar incident only my dog didn’t bite just jumped on a kid chasing her and he got a small scratch from her paws took my dog when I got her back she had kennel cough real bad and parvo died shortly after

  8. This post wasn’t to start internet fights or for drama,it was only to inform people of what my family has gone through in the last couple weeks. When animal control came for my dog they told me I had 24 hours to release him to them or I would be arrested.They then told me that they take very good care of the dogs and I had nothing to worry about.I was in shock when I pickd him up today.I just can’t believe how much weight he lost and that animal control told me he was doing fine eating and drinking everyday when I calld to check on’s just a shame,and hurts my heart

    • I deleted all my comments, because folks were getting hateful with me. Animal Control is governed by the IL Dept of Agriculture. If you feel they did something wrong, you should report it to them, as they are the authority. Dogs should not lose that much weight, unless they have parvo. You said you gave him the proper dosage parvo vaccine, so something else is wrong.. it will not be that. I would get the pup to a vet soon and have documentation done, so you can take this case to the proper authorities instead of social media.

      • Angel Brinkley | October 17, 2015 at 12:23 am | Reply

        Social media gets the word out to people such as myself! Real people who deserve to know the truth! Hiding dirty secrets is what this town is known for! Time to air out the dirty laundry so people like me know what is really happening in this town! Way to go Springfield exposed! Keep doing your job and keep informing real citizens about real problems in our city!

    • …and just for the record, I have nothing to do with animal control, but I’ve been president of a rescue group who has worked with them and I have many friends who are attorneys who specialize in animal welfare law.

  9. I’m sure nothing is wrong with story. Dogs aren’t even allowed to go out to relieve themselves during holding period

    • That is true, as it is county and state animal welfare law. You can google the animal welfare act of IL. If a dog has bitten or seemed vicious, it cannot be handled by volunteers. If it was, and the dog would bite, lawsuits would be flying… especially if a rabies shot was not administered by the owner.

    • You can appreciate how traumatic this would be for a housebroken pet. I’m aware volunteers can’t handle dogs, however, county employees can.

  10. My baby was in there and CME out w a bad cough And sick he WS and still is up to date in shots ur dog should always be up to date tags. Chipped And shots

  11. If my dog looked like that, the ass holes who had him would suffer so much.

  12. That kind of things happen when you troll a post pretending to know everything and clearly you didn’t in this situation as multiple people can verify the facts around the situation. The Sangamon County Animal Control is over seen by The Sangamon county Department of Public Health whose director is Jim Stone.

  13. I give up. I’m just trying to help.

  14. Unfortunately the shots at farm and home r not powerful enough to prevent everything anymore. The shot r extremely outdated on the proper vaccines and a vet should be administering those shots. There is no way the dog would look that thin in 10 days. That is basically saying it lost 3lbs a day. Not possible. That kind of weight loss could be worms or parvo. Or some other unknown illness. I don’t think the animal control would deliberately starve a pet when the owner can see its lost weight. It’s a liability on them if it happens in the care of scac

  15. The same thing happens to me my dog scratched someone and a doctor seen it and they reported it and it was considered a bite because it broke the skin. They kept my dog for 10 days also and when I went to pick him up he lost a about 10 or 15 pounds he had a bad kennel cough and he all around looked like crap. He still is not the same to this day and this happened 2 years ago. I had to be escorted out the back doors of the animal control building by a few employees because of the way I reacted when I seen my dog looking like that

  16. Did you ever stop to think that maybe he was depressed & just didn’t want to eat?!

  17. If people followed the law and properly took their pets to the vet and had them vaccinated, none of this would even be an issue!

  18. If unsupervised children didn’t walk into a strangers home uninvited this would not happen. I have an anwesome family dog but he is also trained to be protective over our family and house. If you come in as a stranger uninvited and unknown you will be nipped.

  19. Isn’t a 10 day quarantine protocol for any dog “attack”? So up to date or not, the dog would still have been held for the 10 days. So sorry Betsy, but vaccinated or not, have to follow procedure….

    • No if you have proof your dog is up to date on shots they don’t need the 10 day quarantine. That’s just so the dog can be watched and make sure it doesn’t show symptoms of rabies.

  20. Don’t even argue with these people Olivea, waste of time. Hopefully you & your family get some answers. Prayers for Yetti.

  21. May dog was taken and he was up to date on his vaccines so your wrong Betsy

    • If it was a constant call about the dog they have to take it. If ur dog has its rabies they will not take the dog unless it happens on a number of occasions. My dog bit a friend her mom called they came out. My dog had its rabies. They gave me a warning.

    • My dog had never been in any trouble before he scratched a person who came in my yard and was taken because it was considered a bite cause the skin was broken I had paperwork for shots I fought with the city and the head guy at animal control at the time they didn’t give a crap all they wanted was money

    • Discredited. I have more on scac laws. They will not be taken on a case of a trespassing issue.

    • They never entered my property I told them they weren’t taking my dog when they came and the cops were called and I was threatened with jail if I did not get my dog an let them take him so not discredited

      • My dog accidentally bit my daughter. I took her to the er to get checked (small cut on hand but I worry). I had to show proof my dog was up to date and it was over. Obviously something went wrong with your dog. I would have risked being arrested than letting them take my dog.

  22. Dennis Uhrig BigCountry

  23. I am so sorry you had to go through this… This is awful!

  24. Smh…some pretty hateful comments in this thread. Facebook warriors got big balls ya know………

  25. My dog bit a kid n animal control came out checked his shots n i had to quarantine him myself for 10 days at home. If they have the rabies shot they wont be taken. He was even due for his shot but u get a grace period of a month. So they didnt take him n he was a pitbull. I was told your dog can protect by biting…an pointed out junk yard dogs. As long as the rabies shot has been given your ok. Rabies shot is very important n ppl would realize it if they was ever bit by a rabid animal.

  26. First off the children weren’t unsupervised the kids play every day together their not strangers and yes my son is OK and yes he went next door without letting me or his mother know but like I said the kids play together everyday after school and my windows and front door were open and I could see my son in their backyard from my window but like I said the kids play together everyday after school and the reason that I know liars involved is because I’m a nice guy and I actually like my new neighbors and I left perfectly fine with everything until I get out here and seen this Olivia holler running mouth about nothing she knows about

  27. And know I’m not mad at my neighbours accidents happen everyday

    • We’re not mad at you guys either. I hope you don’t think we were bashing your son we just wanted the back story in there. We’re mad at animal control. This is heartbreaking for us to see our baby this way.

    • I understand we are all good the same thing has happened to my dog all three times animal control has got him I’m just glad yall got him back

    • I was not running my mouth and I do know exactly what I’m talking about.

    • How do you know wheat you are talking about when you assumed the kids were not supervised. People like to assume and jump to conclusions. My dog is amazing and is a herding dog as he is part corgie. He has been around my baby since I brought him home from the hospital. However if my son tries to go into the kitchen from the front room my dog will nip at him to keep him in the front room. He has scratched the skin before but nothing worse. I was there and it wasn’t due to lack of supervision. Things happen!

  28. Yes,there is no hard feelings with my neighbors,things happen,Olivea is my wife’s sister’s,she is just upset about Yetti,we all are,I’m happy the kid didn’t get hurt too bad, I’m not mad at the kid at all,my kids are still there friends,my biggest problem is animal control telling me my dog is eating and drinking four times when I call,then when I pick him up,tell me he only would eat ,once a couple days if that,then nobody would take responsibility for telling me lies.on top of that,they have vets,they could have checkd him for something else after seeing yetti lose so much weight after ten days,I’m taking Yetti to a vet on Monday for a full check up,hopefully he bounces back and doesn’t get any worse

  29. I like to know how people don’t think if you don’t feed s dog for 10 days they wouldn’t look like that! Especially if they are already a leaner dog who shows ribs some anyways. If they don’t eat for 10 days they are going to to lose weight!

  30. Also it states that If the animal is not vaccinated OR IF IT IS OVER 4 months of age the animal MUST BE CONFINED AT THE ACC OR AT A LICENSED VETS OFFICE SO AMBWR SNOW YOU ARE DISCREDITED #readandknowyourfsctswhenyouthinkyouraknowitallwhenyourarent

  31. Except they don’t always hold dogs for ten days. My mother was attacked by the neighbors dog. I HAD to take her to the hospital for a horrific injury. I had to talk the nurse into calling SCAC. The owner of the fog had a friend that worked at SCAC and the dog was brought back home and out outside under my mom’s window for a 10 day home quarantine. Then SCAC listed it as a bite with no skin breakage. Ummmmmmm this dog ripped all the skin from her upper arm down. Over 300 stitches. So NO they don’t do thir job. FYI this dog is still around!!!!! And he bit 2 other people. Not as bad thiugh.

  32. Just got home from the vet,Yetti is clean and clear,no parvo,or worms,or anything else,had all the test done on the spot,I know most of this is my fault,I just didn’t know enough about the proper shots,I did what I thought was right,but in my care,Yetti was fine,and in animal controls care,they all most let him die, animal control could have told me the truth when I calld multiple times about Yetti not eating,instead they lied and said he was doing fine and eating and drinking everyday.I could have brought him his favorite foods and he would.have ate.

  33. All the shots I bought at farm and home did work,the only shot he didn’t have was the rabies,and that will never happen again,I’m just happy Yetti is home,eating and drinking,and looking better all ready,thank you for the prayers everybody

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