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A lot has been going on since Exposed Publishing, NFP took over last week and boy has it been fun! Our Staff here are Exposed Publishing, NFP is proud to announce a new section of Tonight we are brining you our first ever Business Review!

Exposed Publishing, NFP is going to start doing Business Review’s around the city and share our experiences with the readers! Tonight we bring to you our review of Sport Clips located at 2971 Lindbergh Springfield, Illinois 62704. And their one and only Stylist Shyla Shyla Stoppelwerth! You can find their shop on Facebook by Clicking Here!

Sports Clips is a shop like no other, with TV’s everywhere and amazing (and lets not forget attractive staff) its the perfect destination for a man to stop by and get his hair cut!

Lets talk about Shyla Stoppelwerth though (make sure to ask for her!). Our staff member who had went in had read amazing reviews already about her, but was shy to ask for her by name. Amazing enough Monday evening he had her anyway (isn’t that some luck)!

Shyla made him feel like a true MVP he said, with her amazing looks, people skills, and experience she made the overall experience one of a kind. Let alone he walked about with a pretty bomb ass hair cut!

The price point at this business is very reasonable in comparison to other similar businesses. The value is definitely in the staff and environment!

SportClips of Springfield and Stylist Shyla Stoppelwerth get an A+ review!


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16 Comments on "Business Review – SportClips Springfield IL – Stylist Shyla Stoppelwerth"

  1. Love it! She’s a cool as chick

  2. Shyla this is sooooo awesome u deserve this I love ya!!!! Good job. LuvRockstar

  3. Shyla is AWESOME!!!!!! I went in and saw her last week, and she REALLY took care of me!!!!!!!!

  4. Shyla is great a cutting hair always leave with my hair looking teriffic and a great conversationalist!

  5. Shyla is amazing and loves what she does!!

  6. Shyla is absolutely amazing!!

  7. Awwww, let it be known that comment wasn’t from Angie Davis (pill poppin slut that dumped Jasen Manuele) tho 🙂 Springfield Exposed.

  8. I’m honored and humbled to serve Springfield. My clients are why I love what I do. Thank you for chosing me’

  9. Way to go Sis! You are great at what you do and should be proud of your work! Love you…

    Leave your negative comments out of this. It only shows who u really are, shallow and disrespectful.

  10. So you delete comments as you choose (yes I looked earlier) yet tell others you have no control over reader’s comments (posting a tombstone – very bad taste). Makes this site hypocritical and not credible…but I am sure you will delete this as well.

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