BUSINESS REVIEW – Pizza Ranch 1001 Lejune Dr. Springfield, IL, 62703 217-679-8844

Good Evening!

Tonight we are reviewing our local Pizza Ranch located at 1001 Lejune Dr. Springfield, IL, 62703, Telephone Number:  217-679-8844.

With all these Pizza Places we have in town, we weren’t going to review it but we kept hearing amazing things.

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At first we figured Pizza Ranch was going to be just like any other Pizza Buffet we have had in this town (Ci Ci’s, Shakey’s, Godfather’s, etc.).


Pizza Ranch opened here in the summer/fall, at first like many businesses it had what we call a “honeymoon period”. That honeymoon period has wore off and Pizza Ranch is still packed!

Pizza Ranch is a buffet style dine in restaurant that features pizza, friend chicken, mashed potatoes, ice cream, salad bar, and much more. They also offer delivery services!

When paying and several times throughout our visit, several staff members offered us the chance to have them make any type of pizza for the buffet that we wanted.


Now sure with a name called “Pizza Ranch” you’d expect the Pizza to be amazing, but boy that fried chicken was just as amazing!

The staff was friendly, the food was great, and the price was reasonable.

No wonder why the local Godfathers Pizza Franchise started serving Fried Chicken and started doing evening buffet times when Pizza Ranch came to town.

Keep up the good work Pizza Ranch. You got an A !!!

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7 Comments on "BUSINESS REVIEW – Pizza Ranch 1001 Lejune Dr. Springfield, IL, 62703 217-679-8844"

  1. Godfathers actually had chicken before pizza ranch. And pizza ranch is just ok.

  2. Mac n cheese pizza ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Their chicken was definitely good!!

  4. Wow ya Casey Rae is right what’s next McDonald’s vs road house lmfao fucking stupid

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