Business Review – Parkway Cafe 2715 North Dirksen Parkway Springfield IL 62702 217-544-2233

After much suggestion Exposed Publishing NFP stopped by Parkway Cafe for their Sunday “All You Care To Eat Fried Chicken Dinner”!

2715 North Dirksen Parkway
Springfield IL 62702
Phone: 217-544-2233


After our review yesterday The Sunrises On 217 Media and It’s Meals – SUNRISE CAFE BUSINESS REVIEW, we were told that we had to go on over and try the fried chicken at Parkway Cafe!

Overall the chicken was good. Little over done, the breading had a slight burnt taste to it (old grease is my guess). To me it seemed that they have some kind of warming station in the kitchen that they fry up so much chicken and hold it hot until an order comes in, because on my first order (remember all you care to eat) the chicken was warm and a little dry but on the second order it was hot and juicy.

The Mashed Potatoes were amazing though (Loved the Gravy)! Vegetable soup (sorry forgot to picture) was amazing as well.

The service was great as well. Overall we give you guys a B+ rating! Keep up the good work we will be back to try breakfast soon!

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  1. Best biscuits and gravy EVER!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Undo We’ll use your feedback to review ads on this site. Where such information?

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