BUSINESS REVIEW – Long Horn Steak House #5241 2451 Wabash Ave Springfield IL 62704 (217) 726-5130

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Today we bring you another Local Chain Restaurant Review!

Over the weekend Exposed Publishing, NFP went undercover in a local restaurant and had dinner, and these are our findings…

Long Horn Steak House #5241
2451 Wabash Ave
Springfield, IL 62704
(217) 726-5130

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Walking into the restaurant everything was clean and the staff was very friendly. The hostess sat us down at our table and that’s when everything all changed…

Our server “was busy cashing out another table” is what we were told by another server who stopped by. Okay we understand no problem. A few moments later the same server comes up and said she’d take our drink order and get things going and our server will be over soon. We give her our drink order and an appetizer order. She then asks if we know what we want yet and we said we did, but to go ahead and get our appetizer in and drinks going that we were in no rush and that our actual server could come get our meal order in a little bit. Well that wasn’t an option she then insisted we give her our order right then also (talk about being rushed). Anyway so we give her our order and she said she will get it all in and bring us out some drinks and bread shortly.

A few minutes later she appears with our drinks and said the bread was cooking it would be out in about 5 minutes.

15 Minutes later our appetizer appeared (still no bread), we asked the person dropping off the appetizer about the bread and they said they’d get us some.

5 Minutes later (no bread yet) our actual server came to the table and asked how the appetizer was and said shed be bring us refills, we asked about the bread again and she apologized and said shed get us some that she thought she already had.

Few minutes later she appears with our refills (no bread) :(.

10 Minutes or so later one of our guests main course came out…

5 Minutes later the rest of the guests main courses came out… (Still no bread, we gave up on it).

Longhorn Longhorn1
That lovely 40 Ounce Steak.. Yeah it was cooked wrong, but at this point one of our guests was almost done eating since his food was brought out before everyone else’s.

We did end up eating everything then ordering dessert, boy that chocolate stampede was AMAZING!

Overall the service was very lacking, and the food timing/quality needed some attention.

We give this restaurant a rating of a D, we will be back in the future to do a second review.

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9 Comments on "BUSINESS REVIEW – Long Horn Steak House #5241 2451 Wabash Ave Springfield IL 62704 (217) 726-5130"

  1. They really need to get some cooks that know how to cook a steak. Last time I went I ordered my steak medium and it came out rare. Atleast the 3rd time they have messed up my steak. We also had a problem with getting more bread. Got a half loaf when we got our drinks. When our server walked back by and said our soup and salad would be right out we asked for more bread as well. Soup and salad come out and was told bread was in the oven. Our entrees come out and ask for it again, still never got it.

  2. Went there with a group of people on Saturday night, the (female bartender, with the stupid looking headband) took one persons drink order from out party then ignored the rest of us, like we where not even there! I had my money in hand and she just went amongst her business like no one else was there, she could see that neither myself or my wife had a drink but didn’t even ask if we wanted anything? The wait staff was very good and the food was ok, it was not one of the best filets that I have had.

  3. Never had bad service there.

  4. I worked there for a year. The GM is a fucking cunt, has no idea how to run the restaurant, and only cares about her fake tits and sucking people’s ass

  5. They don’t have a 40 ounce steak dipshit & why don’t you all go suck a bag of dicks that place rocks, our shitbag customer base (refer to article author & commenters) probably beat the moral out of these workers.

  6. You're a wanker | February 8, 2016 at 9:37 am | Reply

    How ’bout you realize Longhorn sucks? Been there 3 times during non-busy times and I walked out once, had crap-tastic food once and had shit service once. Suck my fake pink dick, bitch.

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