Business Review – Denny’s 2905 Adlai Stevenson NO GOOD!

Hey next on our Business Review is the Denny’s Restaurant located at 2905 Adlai Stevenson Springfield IL 62703. We have heard a lot about this location and their alleged racism towards African American Young Adults after 3AM, so we decided to stop by the other morning around 2:30AM.

Now we have yet to review a National Chain, but here is our first National Chain Review.

After arriving the waitress (who was sitting down at another table having personal time) got up and slowly walked towards us as if she was upset that we came. She ended up seating us really far away (so she could get sit back with her friend and not be seen/heard by us). She took our order drink order went and got them, then took our food order.

I ordered the Country Fried Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Seasoned Fries. Easy enough right? Deep fry some fries, deep fry a beef fritter, scoop some potatoes and gravy…

Boy was I wrong, the Steak Fritter was overcooked, the mashed potatoes were so old (and crustier than some of our back page girls I’m sure). Take a look!
The cook at least tried to hide the nastiness by smothering them with gravy… #FAIL

There was clearly no management present at the restaurant, shortly after the cook got done with our ticket he went out for a “smoke break” and came back and smelt like fresh smoked weed when he passed by us.

We didn’t though notice any racism like people have review in the past. They did not mysterious close for “cleaning” in the middle of the morning right after the bars closed so no “hood people” could eat. Then again no “hood people” came in really either that night.

Denny in our book your rating on this visit was a D. SHAME ON YOU!!

We attempted to reach out to Corporate Denny’s on this visit to this particular Franchise and they did not return our request for comment.

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5 Comments on "Business Review – Denny’s 2905 Adlai Stevenson NO GOOD!"

  1. I worked her as a dish washer, its not owned by a fanchise. Its owned by a Chatham family Macks. Marry Mack

  2. That place is closed. Always been a shit hole since the mid 90’s

  3. Snarky McSnark | December 26, 2017 at 3:22 am | Reply

    That’s the problem with this town, they closed all the good places like Mr. Ted’s and Jack Robinson. About the only late night food now is either so far out west it’s not worth the drive,(fuck that) fast food,(fuck that) or those brave-ass Arabs at 18th and Kansas (bulletproof vest required).

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