Bryan At Styx Tattoo Emporium What Is Going On!?

We all love getting a tattoo right? You sit down in that chair and trust the artist to do something that isn’t easily reversible.

A local woman email into us about her recent tattoo experience with an artist named Bryan At Styx Unlimited Tattoo Emporium in Springfield IL.

1stWeekLater 1stWeekLater1
Both of these pictures are 1 week to the date after the tattoo was done…

Week2 week21
These two pictures are from week two of the tattoo.

The customer has sent the pictures, and tried to reach out to the shop but is not getting any response.


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153 Comments on "Bryan At Styx Tattoo Emporium What Is Going On!?"

  1. If u don’t use the correct ointment,,properly clean the tattoo,,,pick or scratch the tattoos while healing this can happen.

  2. Rachel DeVault – the copy of your work gone very wrong!!

  3. Ppl need to educate themselves. This is not the artists fault!!!! This is the person who cared for it afterwards fault! My kids dad does tattoos and I can’t begin to tell u how many dirty ppl blame their lack of proper hygiene on the work.

    • That probably means he doesn’t know what he’s doing if THAT many people have issues. Is he certified?

  4. Could be a bad reaction to the ink, dirty equipment.. or shitty post care.. lots of variables to just blame one..

  5. I heard they had heavy hands

  6. Could be infected. That happened to me had to get a antibiotic ointment from the doctor, healed up in a few weeks. Is this your 1st tattoo, if so maybe it’s a reaction to the ink.

  7. Any Ang Drury look at this lol

  8. Looks like an angry bird

  9. I very recently had a tattoo done by Brian and he did a great job. He even made a point of opening everything in front of me so that I was assured of it being sterile. I would go back to him AND recommend him to others. It’s a shame that his reputation is being stomped on because of someone elses carelessness.

  10. Rachel DeVault Stephen Klein

  11. I went to Styxx for mine and didn’t have a issue. I would say that isn’t the artist’s fault that’s the customers fault.

  12. Take care of your tattoos people!

    Wash them!

    Take showers adequately lololol omggggg

  13. Look like poor after care to me. Which is the recipients responsibility, not the artists.

  14. Did they clean it with unscented and un-dyed soap? Use lotion with no scents or dyes? Heavy handed does not mean this will happen. This is usually the result of poor after care.

  15. I’ve had tattoos from Styx n I must say this sounds like dude didn’t take good care of his tattoo. Mine nvr looked like this.

  16. My last 3 tattoos were done at Styx with no issues.

  17. I had a tattoo do that and I took care of mine. Many things can be the cause of this. Mine happened to be do to expired ink. Not just improperly taking care of it.

  18. I had mine done….no issues. It is called water and soap people.

  19. I’ve had 2 tattoos done there….never an issue

  20. I got a tattoo done at Styx and it is my worst professional tattoo ever! They did it with a small ass needle the lines are shaky the coloring sucks! Went back to get it touched up / fix it and it still looks bad…

  21. He did my first tattoo. I had no issues. I had specific instructions for aftercare and I followed.

  22. That’s shits to deep

  23. It’s clear she picked it a big no no sorry looks like poor after care

  24. It was a beautiful tattoo until she mess it up. Definitely the customers fault

  25. My work on the left.

  26. It’s too bad that people are so quick to jump on social media and post things like this. These type of things can ruin a business, and it may not even be any fault of the business. I have never had any problem at this establishment, but as a customer, I was responsible for proper aftercare…

  27. Something similar happened to my bf tattoo and it was a reaction to the in the artist used Always use antibacterial soap and aquafor lotion works wonders that’s what they recommended for me to use when I got my tattoos and I didn’t have any problems

    • I’ve used aquaphor before with no issues. My last ink, aquaphor isn’t agreeing with me. If aquaphor doesn’t work right, I highly recommend Aveeno. That stuff is fantastic too!

  28. This is from the person who received the tattoo not following proper ways to keep ur tattoo from doing this and or picking at it. This is defiantly not from the artist. Shame on the person for trying to blame someone for ur faults. They open all tools in front of you and wear gloves! Whoever this is needs exposed not the artist!

  29. Right or wrong, if she reached out to them, they should have contacted her and gave her advice. They did one of my tattoos. I’ll never go back. I told them at least three or four times I only wanted it no taller than three inches or in that range. It was on my back. When they were half way done they had me look at it and it covered almost my entire shoulder blade. I wanted to throw up. What can you do? I hate it.

  30. Brandi Moore no ma’am!! I’ve only been to redbird with Brian McCormic!

  31. I’ve had two tattoos done at styx. My artist did a great job. However, I know Styx has new artists now, so I can’t speak for them..

  32. Definitely mostly an aftercare issue!! The tattoo isn’t that amazing regardlsss… Too much ointment and keeping it saturated eventually made it a nasty skin gel mess! Like a scab in a pool 🙁

  33. Looks like someone didn’t use proper aftercare. I have 11 tattoos from various artists and I’ve had this happen and ITS NOT THE ARTISTS FAULT!!!!!

  34. Jodi Oller. Did you see this? We were just talking about it the other day.

  35. Stacey Wilcockson | April 30, 2016 at 7:57 pm | Reply

    Well I guess we figured out who copied Rachel DeVault’s work. but in all honesty I got a tatt at styx by Mark when he worked there and it healed fine. but seriously, Bryan, why you trying to do her work. you should have sent that girl to spiral out and you know it.

    • I’ve actually been wondering who copied her work ever since I saw her post. It’s some bull shit.

  36. Third time I’ve seen this shit outb of them on different people

  37. Looks like an allergic reaction to ink. Did she say if she had any other tattoos especially with white or red in them?? Idk if this is an artist error honestly

  38. I said poor care in my first comment. Although I haven’t had work done by this artist I do have 13 tattoos & getting more. I’ve never had this happen because I took proper care of it. U have to clean it with UN scented antibacterial soap,,,,I personally use pure coconut oil on mine,,,DONT scratch or pick at it when healing because it will itch. Honestly that looks like this person has scratched it & scratched the scabs off so it pulled the ink out & cause scaring

  39. From looking at the third pic, she definitely picked at it. You don’t pick at the ink as it scabs. It is on the paperwork. It is not the artist’s fault that she did not properly care for it afterwards.

  40. In the first pic u can clearly see that the skin is overly dry. Alot of sun exposure ,,tanning or being in a pool before it is healed can also cause similar problems

  41. if you don’t take care of you tattoo properly it can look like this. Too much tattoo lotion or using the wrong stuff can pull the color right out. I’ve had 3 tattoos done there by 3 different artists, (April, Bryan and Styx) and have no issue whatsoever with any of my ink. I followed the instructions that I was given. And if she really wants to get ahold of someone at the shop, stop in and talk to Styx. He is a very understanding guy

  42. This is from going to deep as well .. It’s not from keeping it clean . I have several tattoos and all were fine except for one the artist went too deep didn’t know what he was doing and screwed it all up yeah it can look like that for not taking care of it but I. I highly doubt that’s from for the lack of hygiene because I’ll tell you what it looks exactly like the same thing that happened to mind when the artist didn’t know what he was doing so so many people don’t know what you’re talking about

  43. Piss poor after care. Hope they care for other parts of their body better than this….but then again that m8ght explain that rotten ham smell I caught a wiff of in Walmart the other day.
    Keep it classy Sprigfield. (Or really clean in some cases)

  44. Hope this person went to the shop to talk to the person before posting this otherwise they will be looking at defamation of character lawsuit!?

  45. Bryan did mine he is a damn good artist

  46. This doesn’t look like the fault of the artist. Looks to me like she didn’t properly care for it. Oscar Green what do u think?

  47. Horrible tattoo. ..and looks like partial allergic reaction to ink.

  48. I’d say Brian did a bad ass job .

  49. OK people it’s not from not taking care of it …I have other tattoos that healed just fine..Brian aslo done a grill on my arm and it healed and looks good I also have a tattoo I got done at Styx when they was on 6th Street no prob with that one either… So for everyone bashing me for not doing proper care is uncalled for and for anyone bashing Styx it’s also uncalled for..yes I think there r a couple spots that was to deep but that’s for me and Styx to worry about…I didn’t report this to this page .so yes once I’ve seen it I felt the need to clear things up shit happens people…..

  50. Also not that it will do any good but i would like to ask if this can be taking down

  51. OK people it’s not from not taking care of it …I have other tattoos that healed just fine..Brian aslo done a grill on my arm and it healed and looks good I also have a tattoo I got done at Styx when they was on 6th Street no prob with that one either… So for everyone bashing me for not doing proper care is uncalled for and for anyone bashing Styx it’s also uncalled for..yes I think there r a couple spots that was to deep but that’s for me and Styx to worry about…I didn’t report this to this page .so yes once I’ve seen it I felt the need to clear things up shit happens people…..

  52. Styx is great! They’ve done all of mine without problems. Very sterile! When I thought I had an issue he replied to me immediately. It healed fine and looks awesome!!

  53. Tried to copy an artist’s work and obviously didn’t know what they were doing.

    It was fucked up from the get go. All the after care in the world isn’t going to fix it.

  54. Looks like poor after care to me…. Ive gotten work at styx before and no problems. Use some hustle butter next time

  55. I had 2 tattoos done here, never had any issues, in fact I was given an awesome aftercare sheet that specifically told me to use unscented lotions and soaps on my new tattoos, both times I went to Styx.

  56. Love JoneSz…now this is effed up!!

  57. This is poor aftercare period. In my 27 years of tattooing, I’ve seen this exact, unfortunate, poor healing tattoo even from top artist in the nation. This has nothing to do with the artist or even the quality of art itself. The chemistry of the body plays a huge factor as well as diet, living conditions, pet dander, ect…. Here are photos of this tattoo just after the procedure, (hopefully I can upload them in this comment section) This tattoo was not over worked, in fact, just the opposite. It was not saturated with pigment enough, you can see holidays in the tattoo. Brian, the artist that did this piece is indeed new to the industry but he has done hundreds of tattoos with this never happening. In fact, Brian tattooed this same lady weeks before this one and she healed fine. I do know there are conditions pertaining to health that will be a factor in this type of healing as well. Plain and simple, this tattoo walked out of the shop in good shape. What takes place after is completely on that client. Bacteria can easily be exposed to an open wound if not careful. I’ve seen many careless actions with a new tattoo that is so unsafe. This client did NOT try to contact the shop or send any photos. The owner of the tattoo shop call this client and had a discussion. This is here due to haters trying to wreck the reputation of a very good reputable shop. Disgruntled ex-employee, maybe? Another shop, artist, maybe? An ex friend of Brian, maybe? Who knows. This was uncalled for and should have been handled differently. This client apperantly let someone photograph her tattoo and post it, she refuses to comment on it, says client via phone conversation. (looks like she did decide to comment on it). Look at fresh tattoo pictures leaving the shop, ( she even tipped Brian big, so she must have been happy when it was done, obviously not over worked) no way can this be put on the artist for over working or digging the tattoo. It was obviously not cared for property and exposed to unhealthy conditions.

    • We welcome your feedback, but we spoke with the client who clearly stated they tried to reach out and was given no help. She hoped by this disclosure it would force some response from the company. Thank you for that response she so badly wanted.

    • Someone lied to you. Was not the client. Someone played you. You defimate character based on who knows who contacted you.

    • This picture really speaks for itself. Specially in the tail with majority of black ink. Shits bubbled before she left the shop. Just saying. Clear as day.

    • Beautiful tattoo! I see nothing wrong with it here!

    • – Exposed Publishing, NFP. I just read in the comments the client asking you to remove this article, and said she never asked for it to be published in the first place. Same person right?

    • Beautiful my ass. You can see where it’s too damn deep in certain spots.

    • Ur an idiot. No u can’t. R u on drugs?

    • Lol I can pass a drug test can you? Your a Fucking idiot if you can’t see the obvious. Pores shouldn’t be showing like that and sure hell shouldn’t be lumpy like that. Clear as day.

    • Fuck you chump. You know nothing about it. Glad you can tell from a not so good photo about the pores and light reflection on the skin. All the other post and of course you’re the expert huh? Look at her photos and tell me again that you think that tattoo is and was properly cared for. I passed a drug test 9 days ago and can again you fucking idiot. Whatever drug test has to do with this post. Just proves people like you are the problem, always trying to create problems.

    • That is a horrible tattoo outside his style. Not a single other post by Brian was watercolor style. He should have sent her to some one who did this style. After care or not I would’ve been mad with this tattoo.Rachel posted towards the top hers and yours..hers looks amazing . you can tell it’s her style…not sating you are a bad artist just shouldn’t take someone just to get paid.

  58. This post is here to get the attention of the shop in which the customer tried to and was left with no replies. This is not an attempt to smear the shop or the employee. We had an upset customer come to us who couldn’t get a response from the shop so she pleaded to us to help her.

  59. It was not the customer, I called her and had discussion with her about it. She did not try to contact the shop in no way shape or form. Like I said it was someone else trying hurt my business. So you just take anyone’s word? I did not hear from you either or anyone for that matter to hear business side. You of all people should know how people are rude, mean, conniving, deceitful, dishonest, and just love to cause harm to others are.

    • 11 hours ago the client told the page to remove the story, and that she never contacted them in the first place. She was ignored, and only 7 hours ago the page is telling people that this is published to force your response. That is 4 hours AFTER this has all been cleared up by the client. Ya this page calls a lot of attention to bad people, but that info is made public with mug shots anyway right? What good is it to take people who have done nothing wrong and throw them on the same content as criminals and idiots?

    • No worries….customers who know the work and integrity of this shop will ignore this post all together. Styx is the only place I go for my tattoos.

  60. Even though i like this site for exposing the inhumanely, sick pedophiles and trying to keep our children and community safe and informed if true, I,m disappointed in you classifying my business in the manner it,s EXPOSED! You are trying to hurt a reputation of a great business with thousands of very satisfied clients. Tens of thousands of beautiful tattoos come out of Styx Unlimited Tattoo Emporium! One CLIENT poorly cares for her tattoo that was done by one of the artist there (self contractor), and most likely sent to you by other hater trying to hurt business, and DEFAMATION of shop-business name and all other artist there must suffer, get bad reputation, REALLY? Just like poor aftercare, poor judgement on puking on business and other artist working there. You have tried smearing my name in shit and allowed all the other haters to share! Thanks a lot, I,ll be in touch.

  61. I highly doubt that

  62. Truth hurts, yo.

  63. You keep saying I contacted you about this it was not me

  64. All of mine have been done at Styx by Tony himself. Never an issue with any if them.

  65. This could of been submitted by anyone ya there was pictures takin of my arm by myself, my daughter, some friends, which was shared to other people even I shared my pics with friends so honestly who knows who really contacted this site I’ve talked to Styx Killion last night and I don’t want all this crap going on I planned on going back to shop once I was healed to get it fixed but thanks to all this B’s I really don’t think i want to show my face there.. So people just need to stop. Styx is a good place to go all the work that walks out the door would tell all the people that….

  66. All of mine have been done at Styx by Tony himself. Never an issue with any of them.

  67. These pictures were taken a whole week later. That means they were not cared for properly by the customer, as many people have already pointed out. I mean you can look at the scabs and tell this is not the artists fault :/ but hey, you’re just ruining someone’s way of making a living no big deal, right?

  68. I washed mine with unscented soap and used unscented lotion daily and never scratched melted mine covered when I wore shoes (tats on my foot) and nothing happen to mine I went to fat cat though this could be the tattoo artist fault or the tattooed persons fault it depends how they cared for it a tattoo is a open wound if they know they did everything right I can see why they posted this

  69. From a healthcare persoective it looks like her body rejected the ink and then she didnt know how to care for the reaction. At that piint she should have went to her physician.

  70. I’m 8 days out after getting a tattoo by Bryan at Styx. Mine looks AMAZING!

  71. Funny…with all these tattoo experts on here who can diagnose the issue from a picture I wonder how come anybody ever has a problem at all..could be a multitude of one person could tell from a picture

  72. I had a customer go swimming in a chlorinated the day after I worked on her. Looked quite similar. Aftercare all the way!

  73. Chlorinated pool! Damn phone!

  74. Well I’ve gotten all of my Tattoos & piercings done at Styx.. Only issue I had was with my nipple rings & that’s cause I wasn’t properly taking care of them. But when I went into the shop, they helped me out & ive had no issue further. It all starts at the shop, but home care takes a big role on tattoos & piercings.

  75. I had Brian personally do a tattoo on me back in February and did an awesome job. Definitely not the person who was behind the needle. It was the shitty after care. The only person I will ever let touch me with some ink is brian..

  76. Brian did my most recent one and I didn’t have any issues either. It didn’t even need touched up afterwards. All 3 of mine were done at Styx and they all healed perfectly (I cared for them properly though). I know many people that have gone there for years and never had any complaints.

  77. Brian did my Tattoo and it turned out great. I am a clean person, no diabetes, kin conditions, or health issues impeding my healing process, and I took care of my tat exactly how Brian told me to. I have beautiful art on me for life thanks to Brian. I can’t thank you enough! And for Styx Unlimited Tattoo Emporium as a whole, all the artists and body pierces are very knowledgeable in their work and very professional at that. I give 5 stars. You guys keep your chin up and forget the haters, your all amazing artists and people. Thank you for such a great Tattoo shop in Springfield! It’s the only one I’ll step foot in.

  78. Keep your chin up girl!
    My first tattoo was from his shop by recommendation. It was a hideous embrassement with crooked sloppy writing and.I constsntly was told “sweet tribal Phoenix” it was supposed to be a hummingbird. Not at all that was drawn up. I moved up north and found my main man John Marc everyly big top tattoo in pekin IL. It’s worth the travel and a diamond in that town. Three few hour session and John free handned a beautify day of the dead portrait over the previous tattoo adding in touches of what I told him I remembered about my grandma
    The results were amazing and worth the cover-up and the.with John
    Even now I travel and hour to have tats done with him

  79. My first tattoo I had done many years ago I found I was allergic to the type of ink that was used it healed fine but I did seek medical attention no fought of the artist. I see a lot of people have had tat’s by him and turned out fine. I would seek medical attention and have it redone at a later date it possible and if you aren’t comfortable with that artist go to another don’t lay blame until you have all the facts.

  80. That’s what’s happens when you don’t take care of it right after

  81. I would never recommend going to that shop.

  82. I bought my boyfriend a tattoo from styx Lincoln shop in memory of his best friend and it was terrible I’ll started disappearing lines over lapping must not good we went back up there he said the artist no longer worked there and he wasn’t gonna fix it $300 later he still had a horrible tattoo

  83. She has another tattoo right near it, red roses with names…you can see it in the photo. So obviously she’s not allergic to red dye. You can tell she’s been picking at the scabs tho which is a MAJOR NO NO. This isn’t an artist issue, this is a lazy aftercare issue. If people want tattoo then you need to properly take care of them…and if you don’t, that is on you don’t be blaming your artist when you cause your tattoo to look like shit.

    I’m neither a tattoo artist or know of this shop (I live in RI). But I have 17 tattoos not one has ever looked like that cause I took care of mine!!

  84. I have gotten many tattoos from Brian and never had any issue at all!

  85. That tattoo didn’t get done @ no damn shop….. that shit was done @ someone’s house with bad characteristics & judgement. How dare u try & fuck up someone’s name & slander their business!!! You should be ashamed of urself

  86. At one point n time every tattoo artist in this town handed out a shitty tattoo I’m sure u get better with time n experience so you’ll can stop bashing one another

  87. Rachel did my tattoo and she wrote the letter so small.I can’t get them any bigger.

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