Brittney Creason – Escort Exposed!!

Meet Brittney Creason originally from Decatur now lives in Springfield!

Brittney here allegedly has a backpage ad set up as an “escort” in the Springfield Area.

So the Phone Number 217-520-2251, is registered to a Brittney Sophia out of Decatur, IL with an Sprint Affiliate.
It is also attached to her Facebook Page…


Brittney has a very limited Criminal History. In Central IL she only holds charges in the Macon County for DUI & Traffic.

This girl has not been charged with any prostitution related crimes, Though she apparently travels the State setting up Escort Appointments.

To each their own, you can make your own decisions on what happens during these “escort” appointments.

We bring you this story today, to shed light on this young lady. Hopefully the older woman in the industry can reach out and help her get out of it.

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1 Comment on "Brittney Creason – Escort Exposed!!"

  1. Get over it already!

    Grow up and stop stalking the sex lives of other people, as if YOU are not the crazy ones.

    Only a community of nazis or the unholy could conspire to make the exercise of human sexual facilities a punishable “offense” where the consent of those engaged was not violated.

    Your prohibition and weapons of false shame are the real crime of enslaving your brethren. Those who support these prohibitions of fundamental human rights do not deserve the skin their in but lower than that of a snake on their belly for betraying reason and Justice to madness and evil.

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