Bradley P. Schroeder Balling So Hard, Right Out Of His Own House!

Meet Bradley “Brad” P. Schroeder, you may remember him from our previous coverage Bradley P. Schroeder A “No Show” In Court & Found In “Willful Contempt” By Honorable Judge Maurer. , #FOLLOWUP DJ Schroeder, Bradley P. Schroeder, BradSchroederBradleyBrad” P. Schroeder FOLLOWUP!!Schroeders DJ Service / BradleyBrad” P. Schroeder WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!Who Is Bradley Paul Schroeder – Schroeder’s DJ Service – Brad Schroeder???.

After his “threats” of “suing” us for posting his public record….

Recently on top of the old drama with Mr. Schroeder in court take a look at what’s going on!
Just last month he was Evicted from his house (85 Amherst Dr, Springfield, IL 62702).
His former employee   from Sangamon County Protecting It’s Own Again? LarryO. Franklin Gets PROBATION After State Pleads Out Child Sexual Abuse Case! is even suing Mr. Schroeder!
See that 09/08/2016 $300 payment, but nothing before that for months?
Our guess is he didn’t want to find himself in Jail next week at his status hearing (09/15/2016 8:30AM).
Who cares right though? Clearly not following Judge’s Order isn’t new to Mr. Schroeder.

Brad start paying your bills, it’s such a shame your woman beating ass talks all kinds of crap and goes to all kinds of dinners/games, but you won’t pay your employees, landlord, or take care of your kid.


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5 Comments on "Bradley P. Schroeder Balling So Hard, Right Out Of His Own House!"

  1. In the older picture…dude’s mustache looks just like the Atari logo.

  2. Schroeder is a real scum bag. The worst part is that he walks around and has the nerve to claim he is a religious Lutheran. Give me a break! He has ripped off more people than he can remember. What a shame. But listen to him claim what a great Lutheran he is. He’ll burn in hell some day where he belongs!

  3. Dude is a piece of Shit he needs to be in jail

  4. SpfldNaughtybits | January 6, 2018 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    He’s got dick pics out there toooooooo. Yikes.

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