Bianca R. Flemming Stay In Peoria DONT COME to our city to SELL YOUR ASS!!!

Good Evening!

Welcome to another Edition of Springfield Exposed Dirty Nasty Escorts…

Tonight we bring you the story of Bianca R. Flemming from the Peoria Area.

Meet Bianca…

Bianca here has several ads across the state on the Escort Sections of Backpage. Recently she visited the Springfield Area and caught our attention.

BackpageAd BackpageAd1

As you will see on the Ads Sasha claims to be from Chicago with a phone number of 309-713-6564.

Sasha though is really Bianca Flemming age 20 not 21.


Bianca you have some very interesting tattoos that make you stand out girl…

Bianca here has no criminal record in the Central Illinois Area, only a handful of tickets in her home area of Peoria County.


This girl has not been charged with any prostitution related crimes, Though she apparently travels the State setting up Escort Appointments.

To each their own, you can make your own decisions on what happens during these “escort” appointments.

We bring you this story today, to shed light on this young lady. Hopefully the older woman in the industry can reach out and help her get out of it.

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2 Comments on "Bianca R. Flemming Stay In Peoria DONT COME to our city to SELL YOUR ASS!!!"

  1. do u bianaca, haters gonna hate, can you believe people waste their time posting shit about you, they wish they had a life as interesting as yours

  2. JackNickOfflson | November 21, 2017 at 2:57 pm | Reply

    This chick is a fake. She’s not even an escort she posts ads on backpage to set up appointments with guys to meet her. And she locks them up in her place with 6 guys and robs them. My cousin got his ass kicked by this chicks 6 black boyfriends.

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