BEWARE of Local Business Owner James Moughan!

Meet James Moughan aka Jimmy Moughan .

We have received a lot of emails recently on Mr. Moughan here, and boy is it interesting.

Those emails contain a variety of things from “Jimmy is a coke head, about three weeks ago he snorted over $3000 worth of coke, then lied to his friends/family saying he lost his wallet”, To “Jimmy had me tie him up and fuck him with a dildo”, and even “Jimmy use to sit and watch bondage porn for hours while trying to get off, but because of all the dope he does he could never perform”.

Eh that stuff isn’t really too bad though, shit he likes rough sex (weird rough sex) and drugs. Welcome to Springfield for real. Now the following emails are what caught our attention…

“Jimmy painted my house, afterwards several pieces of jewelry came up missing”.
“Jimmy was apart of a crew that worked on my house, I knew something was weird about him, and afterwards I was missing cash out of our safe in the office.”

Now these really can’t be proven, as no arrests were made, but his actions even recently have caused some concern.

Springfield IL Police report Mr. Moughan is a suspect in two cases of theft and unauthorized use of a debit device. According to the report Mr. Moughan stole several hundred dollars from a victim and use their debit card without permission.

When you take everything together and look at it, it is very alarming. I am sure going to be cautious around Jimmy Moughan as should you.

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19 Comments on "BEWARE of Local Business Owner James Moughan!"

  1. Kim Moughan I haven’t seen him in years but this shit is crazy!

  2. Jimmy Moughan was also part of the problem of Adam Tayeh ( Chatham auto sales)

    Cars not being paid off when traded in, tons of money missing between Adam and jimmy

  3. Stephanie Richie Estill

  4. IS THIS A FUCKING JOKE? Excuse me?!

  5. Who the fuck comes up with this shit

  6. This page is fuckin rediculous you got nothing better to do than start rumors like it’s high school. You’re what’s wrong with Springfield.

  7. Again…don’t follow the site. You KNOW THEIR PURPOSE.

  8. What’s wrong with some bdsm?

  9. Someone got butthurt….. Too soon?

  10. You say “wierd rough sex” like it’s a bad thing.

  11. I sure don’t want to even meet this JERK!!!

  12. Plus moughan builders if same affiliate company… employees rapist! I know this for a fact!

  13. What about Kim Moughan she is just as bad!!!

  14. Jimmy is a single dad and one of his sons is not even his, they were abandoned by the pos that gave birth to them and she hasnt even tried to do shit for them gave up all rights. This family has provided the best life they could have. Cory Walker McCarty needs to be on blast for being a crackhead deadbeat who abandoned her babies to smoke crack!

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