Beware Of John Clifford Linne The “Big Red Snitch”

John Clifford Linne3
Meet John Clifford Linne or as many have called him “The Big Red Snitch”!

You may have known John here from offering to  get you a “hot” cable box that will provide you free cable channels. Well low and behold nothing is free,it comes with a nice possession of stolen property charge!

Hell you may even know John from him asking you for some “pain killers”, well indictment season is just around the corner. Those controlled buys are going to bite you in the ass soon.

Okay okay it is what it is right? John is out on a $150,000 cash bond for Felony Theft & Home Repair Fraud! Oh and also another $50,000 Cash bond for another Felony Theft Charge!

Looks like he might have a reason to be “working” with our local law enforcement.

Beware and be smart!
John Clifford Linne John Clifford Linne1 John Clifford Linne2 John Clifford Linne3 John Clifford Linne4

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5 Comments on "Beware Of John Clifford Linne The “Big Red Snitch”"

  1. Nothing in this article says “snitch” about this dude. Generally those who make bond has no reason to negotiate with police.

  2. youalreadyknow | July 16, 2016 at 8:21 pm | Reply

    All linnes are snitch ass cop workers! And shady pieces of shit! His “brother” craig linne isnt any better with linnes tree service!!!

  3. I no this price of shit he lives in my neighborhood and yes he is a SNICTH to his Hart infact he burned me just a week ago with the cops I went to jail every dog has his day

  4. 2018 and he is still running cons on people… nothing has changed. He scams good, honest, decent people who wouldn’t dream of ever taking advantage of anyone. He takes advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable state. Drain every last drop of what little money they have left and on top of that rob them of their physical property. He will take from you anything you have of value. Use you up and then just lie lie lie to your face to no end. John Clifford Linne is human garbage. The lowest of the low and a disgrace to the human race. I hope he gets every once of what’s coming back to him. I wish someone would take the law into their hands and get this predator off the streets of Springfield once and for all

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