Be careful of who you speak to

Watch out for Michael Devries (Curly).. A snitch for the Macoupon County Sheriff’s Department, Virden Police Department, and also the Feds. Five Dope charges and goes to jail just to be let out two months later.

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5 Comments on "Be careful of who you speak to"

  1. He looks like a horse rapist!

  2. Wtf is going on in that city of Virden? Although this is Springfield Exposed, seems to be Virden Exposed lately. Let’s see..first there was Stephanie Seidelman, then Cory Kuntzman and Shannon Corwin, and now this Nichole and Michael character. Which btw…I’m just going to give a big WTF to this picture as well.

  3. Gosh! I can’t believe I forgot the cross dressing child porn viewer Adam Gideon. There was also a previous post about Nichole Tamosaitis and meth. And from Farmersville we have a Kristle Murphy ladies and gents!

  4. You cant trust anyone who graduated from Virden high school that whole town is a wreck.
    Mike has been a meth head since he came home from the Navy around 1993-1994. It wouldn’t shock me if he turned evidence on his fellow lowlifes.He has been in state and federal prison over drugs,just goes to show how stupid people get when they smoke meth. As far as the horse rape he’s done worse.

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