Ballin’ Jasen Manuele… Too Broke To Afford $10 A Month… Snitches Do Get Stitches!

So everyone by now knows of legendary local Facebook Warrior Jasen Michael Manuele right? I mean for real just Google his name..

Earlier this month Jasen‘s probation was violated by his probation officer. Check out the violation below..
Jasen has is behind in paying his fines, his court costs, and his $10 Monthly Probation Fee.

He also did not complete his Anger Management Classes yet on time…

Jasen has yet to be violated for catching a new case (Sangamon County Assistant States Attorney Sierra Senor WAY TO GO!! Apparently Her Ears Aren’t “Deaf” To Snitches!).

According to Jasen‘s Facebook Page & from glance at the Sangamon County Court Docket that a $2.50 Cash Fee was posted to his docket today. Further investigation found out that fee was merely for an agency/person getting certified copies of the docket, not someone paying on his fine for him. Though someone does not to start this unemployed dude a Go Fund Me Account or something to help him pay off these fines.

It is also reported today that Jasen came to the Sangamon County Courthouse with stiches under his eye. That must be from the ass beating he received the other week according to the Springfield IL Police Department. Springfield IL Exposed would like to buy whoever delivered that ass beating a beer REACH OUT TO US!

Keep it classy Jasen!


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4 Comments on "Ballin’ Jasen Manuele… Too Broke To Afford $10 A Month… Snitches Do Get Stitches!"

  1. Being a Facebook gangsta doesn’t pay.

  2. Is this guy really that valuable to the police department? Are all his controlled buys really worth him staying on the streets? He’s threatens to rape over 4 peoples kids now he has severe mental issues and needs to be in prison. The states attorney really needs to follow through and not let him go because he is a CI

  3. Sounds like he’s ballin out of control like he claims.

  4. My friends son is doing 5 years and 9 month right now because of this guy. He got him a lawyer and everything but with his testimony and the video he had of the buy totally sunk him. I can’t believe he’s still on the streets

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