Bad Village How Dare You Give Union Employees A Pay Raise! Laborers’ Union Local 477 Says No Raise For You!

An interesting situation has happened over in the Village of Sherman. Sometimes these small towns find themselves in a staffing problem when it comes to their police forces.

Over recent times Sherman found itself in just that, but two of their amazing officers without hesitation stepped up to the plate and worked extra shifts making the village able to provide round the clock coverage for his residents.

Sgt. Craig Bangert
Officer Aaron Entringer

Are the  two officers that stepped up to the plate no questions asked and helped the village. Sgt. Bangert has been with the Village’s Force since September of 1998 & Officer Entringer has been with the Village’s Force since September of 2012.

On July 28, 2015 the Village of Sherman adopted Ordinance 2015-10 Providing small raises for these two officers hard work. On August 18th, 2015 the union representing the Officers objected to the Village for giving the officers a raise. On September 22, 2015 the Village adopted Ordinance 2015-14 rescinding the previous raises issued in Ordinance 2015-10, against their wishes by objection of the union.

Well guys we will appreciate your hard work, even if your union doesn’t like you getting a pay raise you never even asked for. While other officers are losing their department issued firearms, driving recklessly, and being a
habitual offender of disrespecting or being discourtesy to the public you two stepped it up in a time of need and made sure your village was protected.

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3 Comments on "Bad Village How Dare You Give Union Employees A Pay Raise! Laborers’ Union Local 477 Says No Raise For You!"

  1. Contrary to the above article, these raises were offered out of retaliation to other officers standing up for their contractually obligated rights. This type of segregated raise is against the law of the collective bargaining agreement as it promotes political gains while playing favoritism. While the article mentioned the officers logged extra hours to cover deficits, these same officers were compensated at an overtime rate also outlined in the collective bargaining agreement. We all sign binding contracts for services as small as cellular usage; these contracts are binding at signing. Why should ones bargaining contract be different?

  2. I would not comment on trash articles on a website that resorts to digging dirt, but I feel any website posting information to the public should have all the facts posted. Since Randy Trams was an ex student, I know he would want some misinformation corrected. The Sherman Police Department with the exception of Chief Eric Smith are members of Labor Union 477. They have a contract which runs through May of 2016. All of the officers received a raise as per the bargaining agreement on May 15, 2015. Sgt Bangert and Officer Entringer both received their raises as did two other officers. The Mayor stated that the additional raises were for meritorious service for stepping up to the plate and taking on extra shifts. What the mayor did not state was that both of these amazing officers received time and a half for every hour worked above their regular shift as was provided in their contract. The other two officers have stepped up to the plate many times. I reinforce Kirk,s previous statement that the meritorious raises were retaliation raises to stir up more chaos in what used to be one of the best departments in the area.

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