Back 2 Back Song Talking About Pytch Wyte (Ronnie Dale Hunt)’s Forcible Sodomy Charge

Check out this video!

I guess its safe to say he is talking about our story

The FACTS behind Ronnie Dale Hunt’s Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse Forcible Sodomy Charge…

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39 Comments on "Back 2 Back Song Talking About Pytch Wyte (Ronnie Dale Hunt)’s Forcible Sodomy Charge"

  1. Whackest bars I’ve ever heard, some people need to just not rap

  2. Shut that shit off by 0:24

  3. That shit was funny as fuck, anybody that can’t appreciate the honesty on this track is prolly booty poppin on a handstand somewhere on tha corner.

  4. in the back of the lac

  5. Back to back mean he likes it in the back?

  6. The song is trash.

  7. Hahahaha Nick Springfield how you feeling bruh……Seems like everyone thinks it’s whack son ?

  8. straight hot garbage pussy

  9. Pffft. Trash song

  10. wtf? lol. Nice try, white boy.

  11. wtf is this shit? Wanna talk about somebody is in their feefee’s you mad #Pytch
    is gonna be famous? #MakePytchFamous (P.S. my baby daddy told me what a fefe was and its disgusting btw)

  12. weak as fuck u trash

  13. Suks,,I’ don’t know either of these dudes,but I’ve heard pytch wyte,and he would smash this dude….just because you can pay for studio time,don’t mean your a rapper…lol..getthefukoutahere

  14. Never fails to amuse me. White boys trying to be hard.

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