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Watch your kids

Watch your children around this guy, he likes to beat on 6 year old boys. Watch your children he resides at 2155 south 13th st. Share This:

Deadbeat thieving piece of shit

Meet Alicia Tobias Ferriter Scaggs this no good thief will steal your identity, has four children two of whom live in Michigan that she has no contact with or pays any support on. She is…

white muslim drug dealer

This convicted drug dealer on the parole again. Dont support him by not purchasing cocaine from him. Share This:

Looking for married men

Anyone know this slut? She is looking to sleep with married men. Watch out ladies if this ho is on your husbands facebook friends list. All we know is her name is Erin and she…

No Picture

Junkie snitch

BE AWARE OF CANDACE SMITH. Dirty hoe has been arrested so many times on so much shit she should be in prison, but here she is out and about, doing meth, heroin, crack, whatever she…

Miss you

Any ladies met this handsome guy before? Is he safe? He contacted me so I want to make sure he’s cool Share This:

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