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No Picture

Mystery Hoe

I found this butter faces pics on my cousin’s phone. Enjoy… Share This:

Mama looking for a criminal sugar daddy

Hello guys my name is precious and I’m looking for a new man mine went to jail yesterday for not selling cocaine for the second time but now I need some criminal sugar daddy to…

guess whos busted – again

Guess who’s back in jail again for not selling cocaine Russell hodgkinson 2018cf000787 no bond! He must like showering with lots of guys! Have fun bitch. Share This:

Dont sell them

Nicole Rutherford Avart is a pill popping drinking diseased cheating hoe. She gets pills then sells them buys more and drinks to excess. She has been cheating on her long time boyfriend with her cousins…

jason danenburger meth killer

Meet jasob danenburger woman beater meth addic murderer. Murdered two people last night at two different locations. Currently in custody on 1 million bond, have a nice vacation bitch. Anybody know who he killed yet?…

raper man gone

See you in 60 years raper man! Cost us a fortune to house him in conuty for 6 years! Now hopefully youre getting raped in prison! Share This:

that hilda lady

So i went to thortons gas station at 2208 n peoria road today like i have everyday for the last 15 years, today i encountered the rudest person i have ever met. Her name was…

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