Austin T. Rosa Has A Record Of Beating On Women EVEN HIS OWN MOTHER!!!!

Remember Austin Rosa?

Beware of Woman Beating / Sexually Assaulting Austin Rosa of Springfield!

Apparently Mr. Rosa here has a problem with putting hands on women, check out these MULTIPLE arrests for it!

Wait a minute… He Beat up his own mother!? What The Actual Fuck!?

Oh Shit Austin is a gangsta!

Wow, bet he was going to take advantage of the passed out girl. I mean he does have a record of sexual assaults according to eye witness statements.

What a piece of shit for real.

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2 Comments on "Austin T. Rosa Has A Record Of Beating On Women EVEN HIS OWN MOTHER!!!!"

  1. Austin Rosa is a Molly & Coke head who beats on every girl.

  2. Old Northender | February 26, 2019 at 4:08 am | Reply

    He also nearly killed his uncle after stabbing him in the neck. This is what happens when there’s nobody around to raise kids with values and discipline. His brother Caston is currently in county awaiting sentencing for murder over at the Watch Street apartments. Quite pathetic.

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