AUBURN ILLINOIS BEWARE! Sexual Predator Benjamin EL Watson is nearby!


Meet Benjamin Watson of Auburn! We originally brought this story on him to you back on our old FaceBook page, after some discussion it was decided we must bring you it again so the community is aware.

Sadly yes Benjamin Watson is in the National Guard…. And a registered sex offender! A spokesman from the Illinois National Guard stated there is a pending investigation into his conviction on child sex charges.

Date of Birth: 11/20/1990
Height: 5 ft. 08 in. Weight: 170 lbs. Sex: M Race: W
Address: 216 E WASHINGTON
AUBURN , IL 62615
Victim was 16 years of age
Offender was 22 at the time of the offense
County of Conviction: Macon

So what’s the story behind his arrest? According to police reports Watson was messaging a 16 year old girl from Decatur who he met on a Internet Dating Website. He allegedly sent her a video of himself performing a sexual act. When confronted by Detectives on the situation Watson agreed to a forensic search of his phone, and they found child pornographic images on his phone that was also on the teens from Decatur. They state that the Teen and Watson had met in person on at least one occasion. On 06/26/2015 Mr. Watson Plead guilty to 48 Months of Sex Offender Probation.


After posting this story on our old FaceBook page this victim came forward and told us this… We were at a lost of weird what to do or say.

Here is the current problem though, he lives now in Auburn still and is a registered sexual preadator. We still to this date are receving emails that he is hanging around the park in Auburn and prowling to pick up young women in person and on the internet. This has to stop! If you see  Mr. Watson around young women or you know anything that needs reports don’t hold it back REPRORT IT!

If contacting the Auburn Police doesn’t work contact Sangamon County Sheriffs Office Detective Michael Harth – 217-753-6840.

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43 Comments on "AUBURN ILLINOIS BEWARE! Sexual Predator Benjamin EL Watson is nearby!"

  1. Tera Kirby and Amanda McClelland keep yours babies close

  2. Yes we both know who this is

  3. Brittany Roach have u heard of this name ever?

  4. I went to high school with him Ben watson

  5. Britton Andre Brown Jen Reiterman-Bailey Brook Landers Williams

  6. Thanks Nikki the daycare doors will be locked blinds closed

  7. I’ll fk this motherfucker up

  8. I saw him the other day walkin down by township when I came to ur house sis Christy Roach Gillaspie

  9. This page is gonna get this dude murdered. F’real. LoL

  10. Does anyone know which park he has been seen at?

  11. Parents beware

  12. I’m not siding with him for sure but why was a 16 year old girl on a dating website??

  13. East park in auburn he is there all the time!

  14. Cut his hands and his dick sick bastard needs beat bad

  15. Bobby Jo Josh J Michelle Rain Jenny and any other person who had kids in Auburn ugghhh

  16. Yeah I knew about this Carrie Flynn

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