Athens, IL Local Town Racist James Selinger

Reporting by Nicole Williams ..

Meet James Selinger

My husband Maurice Williams and 19 month old child were walking out of the grocery store in Athens around 6:45 last night . Mo hears someone scream [email protected]$& you and your n$$$er baby come from the bar across the street. Not only did he scream it once he screamed it 2 Times. I just want to let you know James Sellinger we know who you are. Also announce to the rest of the world what kind of POS you are! PSA To those of you who think this is not happening in your community or around you. It’s a sad world my my child is only 19 months old and has already experienced racism.

Wow.. Piece Of Shit  – R

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13 Comments on "Athens, IL Local Town Racist James Selinger"

  1. Snarky McSnark | November 26, 2017 at 9:39 pm | Reply

    This guy is a regular at the gay bar. The call him “Jimmy Two Barrels” because he likes two dicks in his mouth at once. He likes to dress up like a chick, too. He parks his truck a block away so nobody knows he’s in there.

  2. His dad works for CWLP. He was one of the guys who got suspended because of the noose indecent some years back. The apple does not fall from the tree it seems?

  3. Can someone ink this nigga yet ?

  4. I also know this couple and they are a beautiful family. I am sorry the kid has issues.

  5. Proud american | November 28, 2017 at 7:33 am | Reply

    It’s okay to be white.

  6. Re: Snarky McSnark
    Two wrongs don’t make a right. You have now sunk to James’s level.

  7. Wow he’s a piece of shit I can’t stand douchebag like him I hope someone knocks his ass out fr I’m white n far from racist

  8. English please Ashlyn Mcgirly-man

  9. I caught this guy fucking my girlfriend last week. I’m still pretty pissed about it but there’s nothing I can do. She loves him. I knew she was acting weird because she kept staying out late and coming home with taco sauce on her blouse. During sex she’d scream to give her my five dollar foot long, but I’m only 3 inches and five dollars is way too much for what I’m giving. One day I came home to find her getting plowed against the wall by this dude. He had her hair in one hand and a taco bell cheesy gordita crunch in the other. I tried to fight him, but he slapped me so hard it broke every window in the house. This dude is a stone cold pimp and I cant to anything to hurt him, so I can only hope he breaks her heart one day like she broke mine. This is the kind of monsters that the GOP creates.

  10. George Rockwell | December 2, 2017 at 11:12 am | Reply

    Why were they in Athens? I thought there was a sunset ordinance there, anyway…

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