Athens Beware of Renee Carlow!

Athens Beware!!

Several People have sent us information on Renee Carlow. Apparently she is the local town snitch. She has been seen riding around with the Chief of Police, and writing statements to save her own ass.


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13 Comments on "Athens Beware of Renee Carlow!"

    • ive known renee my whole life and she never been a snitch maybe next time before the police go talk to her u should get ahold of her and let her know whats up and cody a sex offender thats nasty

      • I have known this bitch a very long time she has always worked with the law nasty ass house always drunk spank ass bitch

      • Cody is NO sex offender so get that straight! So next time you open that cock sucker know facts! Here’s a fact Nicole is a liar that only knows to lie to get herself out of another lie and is one of the biggest snitches around so therefore you must not know her very well!

    • Wow I want to apologize for that comment left on my behalf that was a family member that had no right to say that about Cody….I did not ever say that and I have proof of that! I have proof that I said to not say anything like that. Ppl assume that when u have to report your address for years that your a sex offender I said no he’s not and explained why he had to do that….I swear I was not the one to say it. But that is family and they know abd everyone else knows that I’m not no snitch!! And sure as hell have never in my life worked with no Damn. Cops! I don’t have time for all that shit stupid b.s. drama I have better things to worry about!

  1. First off no I am not a snitch!! Secondly I have never been in a police car in my life and sure as hell have never been just riding around with s cop. And third I don’t even live in Athens!!!

  2. Exposed doesn’t post if they don’t know the truth

  3. Let’s get this straight Cody is NO SEX OFFENDER! He has no sex crimes! Nicole is one hell of a bad liar. She tells one lie to get herself out of another! So therefore before you open that cock sucker again know facts! Springfield ill exposed doesn’t expose nothing but facts!

  4. This is retarded its b.s. high school kids stuff. U bring me proof that I called the cops and that I said the sex offender stuff then I’ll shut my mouth until then I won’t! Because I didn’t do it!

    • I was not the one who said it left the comment saying he was I would never do that. I have proof of a conversation about that that will let everyone know I did not ever in my life say that. I can show the proof if no one wants to see it then y’all can keep my name out your mouth!

  5. This website does post shit that isn’t true …Lhh this is too funny ur website sucks the D!! Should have payed attention in school maybe you know how to set one up it’s a lot harder than Facebook Lhh Lmmfao rotflmmfao

    • Smarter than you | August 31, 2015 at 8:17 pm | Reply

      Maybe you should have PAID attention in school and you would know how to spell it. If this website sucks so bad, then why are you reading it? Go back to school and learn how to spell. lmfao, you can’t even spell that right. 😀

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