Ashley Eller Arrested For Possession Of Heroin & Cocaine

Meet Ashley Leanne Eller .

According to the Springfield Police, after being called to a residence in the 2100 Block of South 14th they found several controlled substances.
More to come on this soon!

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13 Comments on "Ashley Eller Arrested For Possession Of Heroin & Cocaine"

  1. Yeah we went n clowned on these bitch two days ago……went retarded on them……they was spooked all they kept saying is please leave please leave…..yeah bitch I bet u do want us to leave with ur high ass……..drug bag bitches!!!…..Martin piatchek…..always seems to escape the shit……snitch ass….how come everyone involved wasn’t charged and only her……smfh…..should tell ya something

  2. The sad part is they need to get martin piatchek to… He the biggest drug addict out here and tell me how he still or when he on parole.. And everyone around him going down and he ain’t… Fucking worthless mother fucker..

  3. Wow martin and his lil nasty bitch was runnin down cornell and asked me for a ride when they got in they said law was at they house and they wasn’t posed to be there so they need to go north I said no you need to get out….

  4. Oh wow this is nt the shit she shld be doing wit the 4 or 5 kids she has

  5. this bitch….awwwwww karma runs frequently ….like a river …

  6. What a losing bitch. I hope she gets the max

  7. TheCableGuy | June 1, 2016 at 2:55 pm | Reply

    Junkies… smh… spend a few bucks and just take em out back and put a few rounds in them.. they obviously aren’t going to change…

  8. isn’t this address the same as the jennifer phucket addess?

  9. Ashley Eller Clark she related?? your the only ashley eller i knew. lol

  10. Leelee is that supposed to be english you are speaking???

  11. Leelee is that supposed to be english you are speaking???? hood rats

  12. Leelee, learn english and get off of welfare.

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