Ashley Atara AKA Ashley Pryor, What will you do for a Fifth of Jack??

We just brought a simple little question up for debate here today.. (When Did The Strip Club Become More Than Just A Tease??).

A stripper with a local background came up many times in emails to us from readers.

Meet Ashley Pryor!

Ashley here has been sent in more than once to be featured as a “Dirty Nasty No Good Stripper”.

One reader wrote in today “Ashley will even suck your dick at the club without an upcharge.” Another one wrote in yesterday “Got a bottle of Jack? Call Ashley for a good night”. Few weeks ago when she was first brought to our attention by a reader “She use to turn tricks at Showmes even, look into this nasty stripper!”

Ashely what’s going on?? Who are you?? Why are these people writing in talking about your nasty and a home wrecker this and that?

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14 Comments on "Ashley Atara AKA Ashley Pryor, What will you do for a Fifth of Jack??"

  1. Ahaha lol that what she gets

  2. She posts on resale sites often

  3. Richard AccidentProne Bennett look

  4. Any reply from her?

  5. So how can the club be open when it appears she and others are being so obvious about breaking the law ?

  6. Because law enforcement doesn’t give a shit. They’re the ones banging hoes.

  7. I was gonna tag her Bambam but you know her and I don’t so I tagged you lol

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