Are we a News Organization?

Do you think SpringfieldILExposed meets the following to be classified as "News Media"?

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“News media” means a newspaper or other periodical issued at regular intervals whether in print or electronic format, a news service whether in print or electronic format, a radio station, a television station, a television network, a community antenna television service, or a person or corporation engaged in making news reels or other motion picture news for public showing.

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2 Comments on "Are we a News Organization?"

  1. This a great sight i know a lil bit about everything u post glad i can get a whole story with it tho i probally will get exposed now but i own my shit so probally cant

  2. I deem it as a justice served site…..sorta along the line of the Anonymous and their amazing stand against the unjust and corrupt of this world…..

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