Anyone Recognize These Two Women That Said “Fuck Your Baby” & Pepper Sprayed A Child!

#UserSubmitted WITH VIDEO

A few weeks ago at white oaks mall, two women were caught stealing by a manager at a local establishment within the mall, we were watching from the bottom level, my fiancé said something to the women to distract them from attacking the manager who caught them. They then ran down stairs and pepper sprayed my fiancé while our 6 month old baby was not even a foot from him. They chased him outside, I stayed inside and kept my mouth shut only for the two women to come in and attack me, kicking me in my face and all witth my baby in his car seat literally right next to me. My iPhone 7 plus dropped out of my back pocket at the time of the altercation and they picked it up and tried to take off, my fiancé went after them and eventually got it back. Anyways, I have 2 short videos of the women. (BELOW) You cannot see their faces up close, but you can hear one of their voices clear as day screaming ‘fuck yo baby’ the cops did come and are supposed to be retrieving video clips of them stealing from the local establishment within the mall to get better look at their faces to place a warrant out. I called last week to find out if they had gotten any news, but our case is being put on hold because of all the recent homicides. An ambulance also arrived on scene to make sure the baby was okay which he was but I feel terrible about what could’ve happened to him. I would really love for you to share the videos if possible, maybe someone will recognize them. I’d like to find out who they are for endangering my infant. Please let me know if you can.

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39 Comments on "Anyone Recognize These Two Women That Said “Fuck Your Baby” & Pepper Sprayed A Child!"

  1. I can’t see the photos, somebody screenshot please

  2. We should be able to take people like this out for good.

  3. They are black? That’s a real surprise.

    • That’s probably the worst comment to make in 2017 you racist idiot. No matter what is going on stop judging people by color.

    • Like it or not, you know it’s true. So does everyone else

    • No, I actually don’t. I’m not racist.

    • Really hope that’s not how you treat people considering you’re a server for a restaurant. Disgusting. Utterly foul.

    • What fuck does that mean?

    • Hey, just because you don’t like onions, that doesn’t mean you hate vegetables. See what I’m saying??

      • Cassie… “Hey, just because you don’t like onions, that doesn’t mean you hate vegetables. See what I’m saying??” Terrible analogy…

    • No, no one knows what you mean. Except for you’re an ignorant racist that needs to stop talking.

      • Interesting… you immediately go after a co-worker of hers for wrong think. The comment was a bit off the cuff and abrasive. Maybe she should of said something that teetered on the edge just a tad more. Her statement is valid and coarse. Have you by any chance watched youtube at all? My biggest surprise was that they didnt shout “worldstar” before they assaulted the baby and mother!
        Personally i would of been surprised if the assault had been perpetrated by the amish. This leads me to belive that she was being sarcastic in the way that she said that one short sentence. A baby was assaulted and you pick this as your high horse to get upon? Go after her job? Have you ever heard of a person getting too into what they just read for whatever reason they might have? And you decide to contact a coworker for one short sentence. This has happened 2x on this thread so far. Let me say a racist statement.. Im not surprised that they arent asian! OMG THE HORROR! with that being said peace.. Lighten up..

  4. It looks to me like animal control would’ve been the better option rather than the police.

  5. Thankyou for sharing. I hope someone can identify these two women. They put my baby in harms way. He could’ve easily gotten hurt.

  6. And this is why the no gun signs need to be taken off of the mall doors. You should be able to defend yourself! TRASH!

  7. Who had the big idea of taking away public hanging think about you think these worthless peasant scumbags would be doing these things knowing they will die if the do it and are caught hell no they know they will only get a smack on the hand

    • Hanging has too bad of a connotation due to this countries lynching past… Maybe we should take a cue from the middle east and publicly behead people. This public punishment doesnt carry the social baggage that hanging does and is every bit as effective at thinning out societal miscreants. One problem i have with using this punishment for this crime is that it seems a bit too severe. What would be the charges? Assault and battery. child endangerment and child abuse. Hrrrm… Not really death penalty material.
      Just for fun imagine if we used the old English punishment of drawing and quartering. Now that would be a REAL public spectacle!
      First they would “draw” you around by a horse until you were so tired you collapsed and were literally drug around by the horse, oftentimes this would rip your shoulders out of their sockets. Then they would tie you to a pole and light a fire a few feet from you and make a incision into your gut and “draw” your guts out so that you could watch your own entrails burn right before your soon to be very dead eyes. Dying this way took hours. Then to finish it all up they would chop your head off and mount it on a pike in front of the sheriffs office and “quarter” your body into four pieces (hence quartering) and hang these pieces at each compass point on the edge of town.

      • Oh snap!!! “drawing and quartering” had a component to it i forgot! In between “drawing” you with the horse and ripping your guts out to be burned in a fire while you watched, it had a part where they hanged you til almost dead… Holy crap its racist! It involved hanging! Therefore anyone who calls for someone to be drawn and quartered is a racist.. <—–because the hanging bit! Maybe we should just call for people to have firecrackers shoved up the offenders ass and lit til they die.. IT HAS NO RACIST PAST and is therefore a totally moral punishment.

  8. Springfield is going down the tube.

  9. the stealing is a huge issue out there, employees are in alot of danger fairly often

  10. Why didn’t one of those many people assist?

  11. People are the definition of fucking dumb

  12. Most got involved after the second one came running up and kicked me in my face. I wish someone would have atleast grabbed my baby in his car seat and took him down the hall for safety.

  13. Did this make the local news?! I never saw it! Disgusting thugs.

  14. A Camera upgrade would have them want to be able to catch people on can,make sure you have a good cam.

  15. No I tried to contact them too

  16. Robert Day is no more racist than me being the president of the United States he’s a very kind hearted person that judges no one for there ethnic background or the color of there skin trust me I know first hand I’m his brother an im half black

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