Anthony “Styx” Killion – Tough Times Or Drugs?

Have you ever been so broke that you sell a side walk? I mean literally sell your sidewalk/patio?

Some say its drugs, some say its bad business, who know what it is, but whatever it is Styxx is broke as shit.

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45 Comments on "Anthony “Styx” Killion – Tough Times Or Drugs?"

  1. I’ve wondered the same myself. I see him selling all his stuff on FB and advertising piercings.

  2. He sounds high now….. Lmao

  3. I’m sure the videos that were posted a couple years ago of him high as fuck dropping ‘N’ bombs didn’t help for business. Now we all see what happens when you’re a racist business owner…

  4. Don’t know “Styx” but story sounds sad. Spfld is horrible community anymore I commend any local business still successful. Spfld exposed is going to damn and shame people until someone takes they’re own life due to the humiliation this page causes. It should be removed the heartless souls behind it need lots of prayers.

    • Everything he is going through he did himself….. Addiction is a bitch but he has ample opportunity to be better and do better…. He is a racist and that is why his business failed.

    • he may be a drug addict he may be racist. I’m not to judge. I made my point towards the page not the person.

    • He has been working hard on himself and is not broke. He is doing ink and piercings and staying busy. He is selling the stuff he doesn’t need or doesnt want to move and he is going to a new place for a new start. Hopefully we can all wish him well and the best as he is a son and A father. Not to mention he is a very good person. He isn’t perfect and he has made mistakes. He is trying to right those wrongs and make a happy healthy life for himself and his kids. Before ppl judge someone, Remember God only made 2 things perfect. Mayweathers boxing record and ( apparently ) Spfld Exoosed.

  5. He’s a damn good tattoo artist though

  6. His problems are no bodies business. Every body has problems. He’s going through a bad time we can only hope things will get better for him. Prayers

  7. That’s what I’m saying! So someone’s going through a tough time you make it worse? But to anyone who is out here doing good they don’t advertise that do they? Sad. Seriously sad. You know what they say, misery loves company.

  8. I love this FB page. I pray to God I’m never on it! .

  9. Well taysia, it would help if you unblocked me from messenger so I can send you the proof…

  10. Bitch you are crazy saying I fucked you why would lie about something like that all that’s going to do is make me lose everything my girlfriend and my kid like why tf would you say some shit like that

  11. Not to mention the embarrassment your causing his daughters and family. Get a damn life and stop makes others lives worse.

  12. It was warned that it would happen if she wanted to keep talkin shit like she knows everything going on around her. I can really put shit out there if everyone wants. Pretty sure Styx is doing the embarrassment part lol

  13. . Fuck that goofy ass dude

  14. Susan didn’t you say this is the one you were related to?

  15. Snarky McSnark | August 29, 2017 at 7:03 am | Reply

    Can we get the two chicks who are fighting here to move along to the part where they kiss? We aint got all day and my dick isn’t gonna yank itself.

  16. He Did My Tattoo in 2012…He Did A Good Job…Hope All Becomes Well…He Might Just Be On A New Journey

  17. Dude has some fucked up tattoos for being a tattoo artist. and damn, those teeth look like they were carved out of wood. I suppose it matches his scary pitted face. What a fucking low-life lose scum. End it already fucker. Your life is worth shit asshole.
    DYX Unlimited!

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