Another Black Teen, Wrongfully Arrested & Held For Almost 6 Months Before Being Let Go!

Meet Demarcus R. McKinney

Another victim of the Springfield IL Police Department and The Sangamon County States Attorneys Office. Why is he a victim? Because he is a young African American Teenager who lives on the East Side of Springfield.

Demarcus here was in March arrested by the Springfield Police and later charged with two counts, One – Reckless Discharge of a Firearm, One – Possession of a Firearm by a Felon. His bond was set at $100,000.00 and he was remanded to the custody of the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Jail.

Demarcus sat in the Sangamon County Jail unable to post his insanely high bond and waited for trial. The State made him offers to plea out and he refused to accept them. The State then got a court order for his DNA which later came back negative to testing of their evidence. In September almost 6 months later The State dismissed all charges.

We spoke to Demarcus and he believes that it is clear the police just snatched as many young black teenagers off the street they could in the spring, to try to have a “calm” summer. That they intentionally set these insanely high bonds knowing that would not be posted, to make sure further the victims stayed in the jail. Most people get fed up with being in the county jail and do anything to get out even if that means going to prison on a snatch out plea, even if they are truly not guilty.

Springfield Police you should be ashamed of yourself!

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21 Comments on "Another Black Teen, Wrongfully Arrested & Held For Almost 6 Months Before Being Let Go!"

  1. He’s hardly a teen at 24 and if you look at the circuit clerk’s website he’s no angel. Maybe if he had not been in trouble multiple times and was a felon his bail wouldn’t have been so high. Quit trying to sensationalize BS stories. He was obviously somewhere he shouldn’t have been. These kids were killing each other all spring and summer, KILLING each other over bullshit and so keeping him off the street might have saved his life or someone else’s. Sorry, no sympathy here.

  2. Well for the comment above me, not everybody perfect! You juust cant go by his records and pin point his as a bad person! He did wrong, but yoy dont know if he made a change or not. Like this bullshit Springfield pulling and they are messing up people lives! Just sick of it

  3. I Can’t believe the first comment above me. You say this kid still deserve this because he’s lives on the east side with a record? It’s crazy how the system can keep a black man deprived in a cell!..I’m surprised that the county let him go even after the negative results..because their known to keep people in their with no evidence at all! You say oh their killing each other over here on the east side. Let’s just lock a few of them up it’s either a hit or miss!. But you got white people going in churches and schools killing people by the dozens!!..but you don’t see the police making a effort to stop it!..oh that’s probally because every white kid that gets in trouble. just gets a slap on the hand and sent to a couple therapy sessions!.then do something horrific and they say oh we didn’t know he was capable of this!

  4. Innocent until proven guilty. 100k $ bond is prepostrous. I don’t care if he wasn’t a saint, this mother fucker spent 6 months in jail for NOTHING. Wasted money on him…

  5. Sold police department needs investigated by internal affairs!!! I’m going to make it mission…!!

  6. I used to play baseball way back with this kid and his brother. They were some wild children. I also went to school with him. This is no surprise haha.

  7. He watched his twin brother beat his girlfriend whom is also the mother of his daughter with a gun until she was unconscious than proceeded to hide the gun which is why he was arrested . get your facts together I tlknow them personally .

  8. A depressing story that happens to often in America.

  9. How is 10k an “insanely high” bail? They go off of your background and the pending charges. And before any if you say it was 100k, in il you pay 10% of bond.

  10. To the first comment u r wrong in saying that just cause of his past he deserves anything everyone makes mistakes in life and u learn by them and change just because he is from the east side means he’s bad I lived on the east side and I am not a bad person I have family that lives on the east side and has never been any any trouble so does that make him or her. Bad people everyone needs to stop judging and find God cause he says judge not for you will b judged

  11. Craig Jackson look at who it is lol

  12. Gary Madison that crazy

  13. Joshua Massey

    (725 ILCS 5/110-7) (from Ch. 38, par. 110-7)

  14. Joshua Massey (3) in a type size at least 2 points larger than the surrounding type. When a person for whom bail has been set is charged with an offense under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act or the Methamphetamine Control and Community Protection Act which is a Class X felony, or making a terrorist threat in violation of Section 29D-20 of the Criminal Code of 1961 or the Criminal Code of 2012 or an attempt to commit the offense of making a terrorist threat, the court may require the defendant to deposit a sum equal to 100% of the bail. Where any person is charged with a forcible felony while free on bail and is the subject of proceedings under Section 109-3 of this Code the judge conducting the preliminary examination may also conduct a hearing upon the application of the State pursuant to the provisions of Section 110-6 of this Code to increase or revoke the bail for that person’s prior alleged offense.

  15. So again Joshua Massey there is certain cases when 10% DOES NOT APPLY

  16. Maybe not this one exactly but there is some as we stated. Next time read the statue not Google.

  17. I think the bond was reasonable for a firearms charge.i really don’t think his background had much to do with it standard bond for discharge of a firearm.

    ILCS 5/110-5) (from Ch. 38, par. 110-5)
    Sec. 110-5. Determining the amount of bail and conditions of release.
    (a) In determining the amount of monetary bail or conditions of release, if any, which will reasonably assure the appearance of a defendant as required or the safety of any other person or the community and the likelihood of compliance by the defendant with all the conditions of bail, the court shall, on the basis of available information, take into account such matters as the nature and circumstances of the offense charged, whether the evidence shows that as part of the offense there was a use of violence or threatened use of violence, whether the offense involved corruption of public officials or employees, whether there was physical harm or threats of physical harm to any public official, public employee, judge, prosecutor, juror or witness, senior citizen, child, or person with a disability, whether evidence shows that during the offense or during the arrest the defendant possessed or used a firearm, machine gun, explosive or metal piercing ammunition or explosive bomb device or any military or paramilitary armament,

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