Andrea Little Pleads Guilty To The Fatal DUI Accident That Killed Danielle Allen & Steven Moore

Meet Andrea Little.

We previously talked about her in Andrea Little Is Set To Plea Out! , Andrea Little Fires Her Private Lawyer At Plea Hearing , & Get In A DUI Car Wreck, Kill Two People, Walk Out Of Hospital With A Ticket?

In front of the Honorable Judge Pete Cavanagh Ms. Little pled guilty to several charges in relation to the October 25th, 2014 DUI that killed Danielle Allen & Steven Moore.

She will be sentenced on July 26th, 2016 by Judge Cavanagh.

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12 Comments on "Andrea Little Pleads Guilty To The Fatal DUI Accident That Killed Danielle Allen & Steven Moore"

  1. Hopefully life without parole!!!

  2. Little faces a possible sentence of six to 28 years in prison

  3. Be surprised if she does more than 10yrs…

  4. Melinda Mccubbin lookit

  5. Well Judge CavCavanagh & the Crew will not sentence her long.She only had a ticket who does that & WHO SHE KNOW
    Sangmo.Jud.have consistency
    on how 2 be phony.

  6. My dad did the same thing and got 13 years

  7. Pat Rollin Solo Medley this u know who

  8. When a person with mental issues seems harmless we ignore them and do nothing to help them….when they do something horrible we expect them to pay the consequences no matter what their mental capacity is at the time … I do not blame the families and friends who scream for the blood of their lost ones. Yet we still send our children into battle they do 3 tours of war then come home, screwed up even more and we still do nothing to help them but we lock them away……the whole thing situation is saddening and we still have done nothing to stop it from happening again…..

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