Andrea Little Fires Her Private Lawyer At Plea Hearing

As we brought to you last night, Andrea Little was set to plea out today in front of Sangamon County Circuit Judge Patrick Kelley.

Andrea was set today for an open plea hearing infront of the Judge, without a negotiated plea set by the State. When Andrea was brought into the Court Room today by the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office her now former Attorney Dan Fultz announced to the court that Andrea was not happy with his services and wanted the court to have the Public Defenders Office represent her until a time can come when she can hire another private attorney.

When Andrea approached the court verbally when asked if that was what she truly wanted to do, Judge Kelly asked her “You’re not playing games with the court are you?”.

Judge Kelly asked Sangamon County States Attorney John Milhiser what his position was as to the Motion for Mr. Fultz to withdraw and  he stated the state “had no position”.

This move by Andrea was very interesting, now almost a year later since the alleged incident she is basically starting from square one again.

The Sangamon County States Attorney made it clear he is not pleading out this case, that if the Defendant wants to accept responsibility and open plea to the court that is within her rights to do so. John Milhiser stated “I feel for the victims’ families who came to court today expecting a guilty plea” “My Understanding was there was going to be a plea today” “We will continue to prepare for trial”.

Judge Kelley stated “I will personally call Robert Scherschlight today to notify his office of the case”.

Judge Kelley today could have ordered Mr. Fultz to stay on the case and move forward to trial, but he decided to let the case be drug out longer. He set a tentative trial date of September 21st, 2015 for this case.

In courtroom today it was a rather small crowd, the State was present only with Sangamon County States Attorney John Milhiser. There was a representative from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, A State Journal Register Reporter, the victims families. It wasn’t clear if anyone was their in support of Andrea.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you more as it comes in.


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