Andre Pendergrass fire from housing authority springfield

I guess Adrian Grover couldn’t save Andre Pendergrass ass anymore, he’s fired in my Donald trump voice. He’s been stealing refrigerator and blinds the whole time. Adrian as his boss whom he was fucking let him get away with all types of shit. I left because he would cry to her and she would make me do his shit while they were fucking in vacant units. Couldn’t pass a drug test if he wanted to, she got my dude canned now she can support his dirty ass. Maybe his rap career will take off since he got time to put into it. Now they don’t have to hide their relationship. Lmao

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9 Comments on "Andre Pendergrass fire from housing authority springfield"

  1. There should be more people canned from there only a few probably do real work. If the girl was saving him why is her ass not fired? Stupid!

  2. Every nigger wants to be a rapper.

  3. Well we knew it was all a matter of time I’m sure starsha and Adrienne are both butt hurt. Not going to be missed at all now he can pursue his rap career, smoke all the Loud he wants and pour all the lean he likes and let one of his two girls foot the bill. One down more to go please

  4. His ass won’t be missed around here, cry baby ass now he can pursue his dead end rap career and Adrienne and Starsha can fund it.

  5. Mcdaonalds is always hiring, he never appeared to be to bright anyway, dam how many people was she fucking at housing? He will be pimping her out in his home town next if he ain’t already.

  6. Son of Aryas | May 6, 2019 at 11:54 am | Reply

    Black men are incapable of supporting themselves or a family. The only thing they know how to do is eat, shit and fuck. That’s why they all speak like retards and spit out disgusting rap lyrics proudly proclaiming themselves to be niggers.

  7. Damn – can someone get this chick under control? Stop sleeping with hoes! This is what happens people! First cheating on her husband with his friend, then sleeping with her daycare owners son, then another SHA employee and now another? And these are just the ones named!! Get real!! Someone needs to investigate this employer!! Too much drama and sleeping around. No wonder no one ever gets work done and there are so many homeless in Springfield.

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