Andre Pendergrass fire from housing authority springfield

I guess Adrian Grover couldn’t save Andre Pendergrass ass anymore, he’s fired in my Donald trump voice. He’s been stealing refrigerator and blinds the whole time. Adrian as his boss whom he was fucking let him get away with all types of shit. I left because he would cry to her and she would make me do his shit while they were fucking in vacant units. Couldn’t pass a drug test if he wanted to, she got my dude canned now she can support his dirty ass. Maybe his rap career will take off since he got time to put into it. Now they don’t have to hide their relationship. Lmao

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28 Comments on "Andre Pendergrass fire from housing authority springfield"

  1. There should be more people canned from there only a few probably do real work. If the girl was saving him why is her ass not fired? Stupid!

  2. Every nigger wants to be a rapper.

  3. Well we knew it was all a matter of time I’m sure starsha and Adrienne are both butt hurt. Not going to be missed at all now he can pursue his rap career, smoke all the Loud he wants and pour all the lean he likes and let one of his two girls foot the bill. One down more to go please

  4. His ass won’t be missed around here, cry baby ass now he can pursue his dead end rap career and Adrienne and Starsha can fund it.

  5. Mcdaonalds is always hiring, he never appeared to be to bright anyway, dam how many people was she fucking at housing? He will be pimping her out in his home town next if he ain’t already.

  6. Son of Aryas | May 6, 2019 at 11:54 am | Reply

    Black men are incapable of supporting themselves or a family. The only thing they know how to do is eat, shit and fuck. That’s why they all speak like retards and spit out disgusting rap lyrics proudly proclaiming themselves to be niggers.

  7. Damn – can someone get this chick under control? Stop sleeping with hoes! This is what happens people! First cheating on her husband with his friend, then sleeping with her daycare owners son, then another SHA employee and now another? And these are just the ones named!! Get real!! Someone needs to investigate this employer!! Too much drama and sleeping around. No wonder no one ever gets work done and there are so many homeless in Springfield.

  8. Lol … Lawrence Harris is a fag and is jealous young nigga took his bitch … and he wasnt fired but he in fact retired
    …lol … Fuck housing

    All yall can suck my fat cock since you soooooo worried bout it

  10. All white boys do is watch “niggers” every move and try to be just like em …then get mad yall bitches want this big dick

  11. Todd your mad kuz u cant fuck her … lmao

    • Behold, more negro gibberish. Hopefully Andre contracts an STD that renders him sterile so he doesnt reproduce. I hope Adrienne doesnt allow this ape near her human children.

  12. In fact and proven that anyone can fuck Adrienne mr unlucky!!!bitch got more miles on her than the Indianapolis 500 which I will be going to this year, what about you?oh yeah that’s right you can’t afford to go anywhere. When you can own your own business and own a really nice home then y’all unlucky! Quiet as kept she still talks to Lawrence who in fact dumped her ! Stupid

  13. Bitch don’t make me bring the goones out to your house! Keep my name out yo mouth. Adrienne is nothing more than a cunt, insecure so she had to find someone that no one else wanted. You a downgrade and remember every time you kiss the cunt you ducking my dick. Now open your mouth again and I promise you want be hiding anymore. You got my sloppy seconds homie u on some getting pussy I’m on some money shit. And remember I left her ass on the Fourth of July. Open yo mouth and I will show the world all my pics of yo hoe!

  14. Everyone at SHA knew Adrienne was fucking dudes in the Johnson Park office and slept with another coworker in the Brandon Drive Office, and she still found another employee to sleep with! Sick fucks!!!! He deserved to be let go if he’s that stupid. Get tested please!!!!!!

  15. Tf happened to Starsha? Damn I can’t even keep the girls strait yo

  16. How do all these people still work at this sleazy place?? Shouldn’t an investigation be happening following all this shit?? Wtfff lmao

  17. This is all so fucking stupid and it needs to stop. Grow up. This is all slander created by someone who couldn’t let go of shit that happened more than a year ago….and not even close to what is being said. The people who matter know the truth. There’s plenty of evidence to show Lawrence is a manipulative, abusive narcissist, but grown people don’t care to dwell on past shit.

  18. Lololol this is funny and entertaining…

  19. Adrienne is dirty af why would he even waste his time with her?? Everybody has had some of that nasty north end pussy you ain’t nothin special hunny. Look up the girl on Facebook she ain’t nothin but a bust down with some filters like all the newts got. Say no to bust down pussy andre

  20. How many people is Adrienne going to get fired from SHA?
    Adrienne: 2
    All the SHA dick she can get: 0
    …and counting!

  21. Adrienne Grover was sleeping with my HUSBAND while she had a HUSBAND HERSELF. PSA EVERYONE: ADRIENNE IS STILL MARRIED EVEN AFTER ALL THESE DUDES. Unbelievably disgusting. Absolutely homewrecker. Stay away from peoples families and marriages you slut.

  22. Just what the fuck I thought!!!!! Coward

  23. Sons of Aryas | June 13, 2019 at 3:35 pm | Reply

    Lawrence looks like a fucking gorilla with his big flared out nostrils. Kala is so embarrassed of the fact that she lets that ape rape her, she wont even acknowledge him on her Facebook because she knows how humiliated her mother is.
    Adrienne is just as bad. She has let that chimp Andre bust in her so many times her vagina will never be free of disease.
    One you go black, we dont want you back.

  24. Sounds like somebody mad because Kala walked or they couldn’t fuck her. Don’t hide behind fake names and I’m not hard to find and always looking Toto get big mouth mfs on a one on one. Step up I dare u

  25. Son of Aryas | July 15, 2019 at 11:24 am | Reply

    Just exactly the response I would expect from a sub human shit skin. I no longer consider Kala human now. She has been filled with diseased chimp sperm too many times.

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