Alleged Stalker, Little Dick, Shoplifter – Devon S. Register COME ON DOWN!

Meet Devon S. Register!

Devon is a local convicted shoplifter, who was actually just this last week picked up for a shoplifting related warrant that had been active for over 6 months!

According to an asset protection worker at a local department store they know Devon very well. They are currently keeping an eye on him for allegedly stealing items and attempting to return them for store credit to obtain items that conveniently can’t be purchased with Illinois Link of SNAP EBT Benefits.

Devon has had 5 Order of Protection cases filed against him in the last 5 years, he has also had two family cases for child custody/support.

Devon here was also nominated in our Dead Beat Dad Section last week.

During our research on Devon the following text messages where sent into us…


Can you say little Salty?

Ladies if you meet or see Devon, our advice is to run and run fast!

Enjoy the rest of Devon’s Mug Shots!
DevonSRegister1 DevonSRegister2 DevonSRegister3 DevonSRegister4

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75 Comments on "Alleged Stalker, Little Dick, Shoplifter – Devon S. Register COME ON DOWN!"

  1. Haha. This is funny! I love this shit.

  2. Devon Register we love to make people famous! Glad you enjoyed the article, good job taking it with your head held high!

  3. I honestly think its funny. Lmfao

  4. Nothing. I was with someone who did

  5. I dont need to. I have no habits

  6. So what’s with the OP’s? Why your baby mom’s hate you?

  7. Haha. Because shit happens. Why so nosey

  8. Well alright. Now we know.. Im getting off here now good job. Your accomplished in life now!

  9. Enjoy your evening #littledick #stalker #shoplifter #womanbeater

  10. Lmfao that moly conversation haha

  11. Sounds like a winner.

  12. He mad lol!! Awe poor wittle prick pic bahaha

  13. Who the fuck put this on here?

  14. Yeah I’m all for exposing him and kris on shit they need exposed on but this is far. This is actually harassment. What an immature site

  15. What about Kristina standish if you’re exposing dead beats that bitch is worse than him

  16. I think this is too funny lmao

  17. and baby mamas lhh there’s only one that has ops against him

  18. And he is definitely a woman beater

  19. And Gracyn Ritchie your a bust down!! Tf.. Ask anybody dont make me pull up old videos of you

  20. You fucked my little brother. You need your ass beat

  21. Gross gracyn ?? Is that who that is devon

  22. She fucked darian. While we was together . what a buster!! Gwaf!

  23. Ohhhh the story’s about that chick… Yuck…yuck…no self respect…dirty n yuck

  24. Your luckybmy familys on here.. I put my dick on blast! Never small AT ALL

  25. Umm I don’t want to know that

  26. Just had to put it out there. Because of what they posted nd shit . lbs!..

  27. I’m glad your dick is the only part of this post your worried about lmao

  28. We sadly had to see the dick pic, not by choice it came with the story submission… Well the Springfield Exposed Official comment is that was no 9.5 LBVS! Unless like the person who submitted the story said the camera lost a few inches somewhere in there lol.

  29. You guys just told me who said it right there.. Dumb ass

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