Alleged Elderly Abuse & Extortion!?! Hope Marie Roach/Collier

Meet Hope Roach!

You may remember the “Roach” name from previous stories on her twin sister Christiania Roach!

Hope here has been emailed into us several times over the recent months, but we wanted to let the air settle after her sister’s stories were aired.

Hope here has been arrested two times for Domestic Battery in Sangamon County, but that isn’t what this story is about…

Allegedly according to sources Hope here has been having “sexual relations” with an older elderly man and has been “robbing him blind”. The several sources close to the man state “she is emotionally and physically abusive” towards him.

A review of local police logs/reports show history of issues with Roach but no formal charges.


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46 Comments on "Alleged Elderly Abuse & Extortion!?! Hope Marie Roach/Collier"

  1. In 5th grade my locker was next to hers and she gave me lice like 3 times because her parents never properly washed and treated her hair. The school had to do it because the parents obviously didn’t care. Looks like the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

  2. Wow another one . There last name is Roach it fits. I knew she was no good. Karma.

  3. Her brother is in Prison for a drug related Killing, He was in prison for Residential Burglary, before that. The apples stay close together..

  4. I dont honestly believe this shit one bit. I have known her and her kids dad for a good portion of my life. Hope Marie Roach Collier

  5. Those mug shots are so old.

  6. I believe every but of it she lost her job in Petersburg for stealing and thats what she has done her whole life

  7. Well its only 1 mugshot and yes its an older one. If you read the story you would know why an old one was used…

  8. I read the story and know why it was used. Off a rumor… We all have a past we all done our fair share of dumb shit. Hell even me. But the base of this story is a rumor. So its not really much of a story.

  9. She’s a money hungry that has used people her whole life. Even sold her ass on the web when she was married nasty girl

  10. It’s not a rumor sorry Jonathan it’s as real as it gets

  11. Everyone has a dirty side aswell Jonathan Hughes or as some as a bad side. It seems this “rumor” that multiple people have shared to us has some merit to it.

  12. Less you van prove it I wouldnt say much. Her husband – ex is in the military.

  13. I know her ex husband he lives in Pawnee and I’ve knew Hope for over 15 years she’s a nasty bitch

  14. I know about her selling her ass online cause I walked in her room right after she got done using a power drill and a dildo and was recording so he could make money to pay for her schooling to become a cna

  15. Would you like some more info?? Or maybe the name of the place she lost her job due to stealing money and medication and jeweler for the people she was taking care of at sunny acres in Petersburg

  16. Lmfao. You go ahead and tell your story all yah want. Dont let your animosity out talk you. Past is past. Do I believe anything being said. No. Will it change anything No.

  17. Lmao look it is what it is I know what I know and it don’t matter to me her being air out is enough for me. She will get just what she should get and that puts a smile on my face

  18. Which will absolutely be nothing. Im sure there is some stories about you as well. I mean if you lived together and known her so long apples dont fall far from the tree. But as far as all this goes. Nah wont change her and her families lives.

  19. Never did I say I lived with her! You can’t read clearly and I’m no saint not saying Iam but the only thing I been in jail for is fighting and I ain’t been in trouble since I’ve had my kids so.. I’m not worried about it

  20. This is a load of fucking shit. If anyone of you fucking bastards knew hope you would know she is nothing like this. This page is a load of fucking shit and anyone who decides to try and find false shit about someone can go to hell. All this piece of shit wants to do is trying hurt others. Well news flash our the one with the miserable life. And all of you are fucking full of shit if you believe this shit.

    • Yea its all crazy shit, hope is my cousin

      • Ummm….no it’s not a load of fucking shit, I know the guy she’s taking advantage of and I know he bought her a house and I can give you the address of it if you want. We’ve tried to get him to stop, but the woman he lived with for over 30 years died and he’s lonely. He got sick and can no longer take care of himself and voila, here comes this dirty whore. He has more money than he knows what to do with and she’s taking advantage of him, what a dirty skank. Karma is a bitch and she’ll get hers. Don’t stick up for people that don’t deserve it.

  21. Lmfao least I’m not the only one who thinks this smdh…

  22. I know she uses the he’ll out of this old man, I worked for him to the same time she did, she lives in his $ 100,000 house he bought her a truck her dad a truck paid thousands on her brother’s lawyer LoL she a using fake ass stalking hoe

  23. My uncle did the best he could for his kids, he can’t control what they do so quit trying to judge someone and get a life, and yeah I don’t know what hope does and it ain’t none of my business but she is still my family

  24. You people have nothing better to do than talk shit about people,grow the fuck up and start acting like a damn adult. I don’t agree with what people do but its none of my business. I just can’t stand people I know being put out there like that

  25. Kirstyn Durazzo didn’t we have an interesting talk with you and your mouth before… Thought you were going to sue us for posting your public address?

  26. She’s nothing but a gold digger and has now put the old man in a position where he is having to sell a lot of his personal property because of her and some guy by the name of Lane (who is possibly the father of her most recent baby). She’s a skank whore and controls the disabled man by giving him blow jobs in his wheelchair. Hope she rots in hell destroying him and other people, a controlling bitch.

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