Alleged Drug User, Woman Beater, & Snitch – Perry Lawrence Williams

Meet Perry Lawrence Williams of the 200 Block of Sangamon, Auburn IL.

Mr. Perry has been arrested in Sangamon County previously for Drug Charges & Domestic Battery.

More recently Perry stated to several people that “the police came with a warrant to my house”. “You have warrant for your rest man, they tried to take my phone and computer but let me keep them.” Newsflash Perry warrants don’t work like that, if they come in for something they are taking they don’t care what kind of sob story you give them. Likewise all warrant are published in the MR Section of the Local Court House. No warrants have in the last 10 years been issued to your name, your address, your phone, your computer, or anything to do with you. Likewise your statement that someone had a warrant for their arrest was pure fiction also.

It seems Mr. Williams here just has a big mouth and likes to run it, or maybe he is “working wit da police” as a few sources stated. Mr. Williams also apparently is “in debt” with a few local drug players in the area according to reliable sources.

Mr. Williams also has an extensive criminal history in the state of Flordia according to sources, we are currently working to obtain that information as we speak and will bring you an update at a later date!

Perry also the owner of Peewee’s Lockout and Auto Detail 206 Sangamon, Auburn IL 62615 Phone: 217/836-1641.

Perry stay away from the drugs, keep your hands off women, and stop working with the police!


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2 Comments on "Alleged Drug User, Woman Beater, & Snitch – Perry Lawrence Williams"

  1. Can someone please tell Mr know it all what a MR case is? ALL warrants that have been signed must have a MR Case Number for tracking purposes if they are not assigned to a criminal case that’s been charged yet. Likewise if a warrant is presented to the on-call ASA after hours to the on call judge law states the next court day the clerk must assign it to a case whether a MR or charged case already.

  2. They are our friend head over and do some MR searches and you will see. All warrants whether active investigation or not must be accounted for. They are attached to the item or address that is to be searched. It’s common practice in SANGAMON County to hide ongoing investigation warrants. Glad we could teach you someone start stalking those cases so you can know about those pending cases. 🙂

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