Alleged Dog Thief Sindy L. Bunch (Faith Yunker, Sindy Wills) Offering Up More Than Puppies!

Who here Remembers This Sindy L. Bunch (Faith Yunker, Sindy Wills) whose been all over Social Media allegedly taking free or lost dogs and reselling them?
I’m sorry health problems or not it gives you no excuse to do what people are accusing you of…

We have received a TON of similar screenshots over time… This isn’t just a once or twice kind of scam happening according to sources.

Who tells someone to suck a childs dick?
Wow… Sick!!
Who here knows her boyfirend Justin James Yunker?

Well allegedly while Justin was away doing his county jail time, Sindy here was off trying to sell/give more than just some dogs up!
Damn she hit him up like a thirsty man would a girl!


Justin get your girl in check!

And both of you stop trying to sell dogs that are NOT

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22 Comments on "Alleged Dog Thief Sindy L. Bunch (Faith Yunker, Sindy Wills) Offering Up More Than Puppies!"

  1. Amber Sorrells-Fort
    Brooke Krouse

  2. Whoa! Is she really trying to take sexy slutty pics while on a toilet?!? Lmmfao

  3. I’m blocked by somebody

  4. Is she peeing? something tells me she didn’t even wash her hands.

  5. She’s got about 20 ads on Craigslist looking for a caregiver saying she has a colostomy bag

  6. People are fucked lol

  7. Wow! So is she single?
    I know lots of guys that like diseased girls!

  8. Don't ask don't tell | March 15, 2016 at 6:23 am | Reply

    Someone send me the uncensored pics.

  9. Gwaf his Ass was telln me he Finna get his gang on me claimed he Latin kings but wouldn’t even spit his shit

  10. She hit up JayJay Gillman lol. He was on backpage sucking dudes dick for cash. Bahahaha

  11. Sending nudes while on a toilet, so classy

  12. You guys really make my day when I get to read about what kind of bottom feeders live here! I couldn’t stop laughing!

  13. She’s had a beyond fucked up upbringing. I’m not justifying her actions, but it’s bad.

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