Alleged Animal Abused Jordan Watkins IN JAIL!

As we brought you last week ( ), Jordan Watkins who was arrested in July of 2015 on 3 Counts related to his alleged animal abuse to Max (picture below) was recently arrested again for Allegedly breaking into vehicles in Chatham.

Poor Max 🙁

Looking better pup!

When we wrote the original story Mr. Watkins was not in the Sangamon County Jail after his arrest and it was unknown why or how he got out. He has since been charged with Two Counts of Burglary and Two Counts of Theft. He has a Preliminary Hearing on Sep 17, 2015 at 9:00 AM in Courtroom 7C for the new charges.

On the charges related to max he was set for a Preliminary hearing on 09/24/2015 at 09:00 AM in 7C. Sangamon County States Attorney John Milhiser on 09/02/2015 did secure a True Bill Indictment on Mr. Watkins so where will be no Preliminary Hearing. The case on that will be set for trial call in front of a 7th Judicial Circuit Judge.

Mr. Watkins was out on bond while he was charged with these new crimes. There has been no motion to revoke his previous bond, but he is currently still in the Sangamon County Jail. He is currently housed in H Block which is known for primarily housing “Sensitive Cases” like child molesters, really old inmates, etc.

Accordingly to Illinois Law if Mr. Watkins is convicted of both crimes, they will be ran concurrent  to each other as he was out on bond and caught new charges.

We will keep an eye on both cases and bring you more information as it comes available.

Take a look at Mr. Watkins MugShots Below!
JordanWatkins JordanWatkins1 JordanWatkins2 JordanWatkins3

He changed his appearance up a little…

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5 Comments on "Alleged Animal Abused Jordan Watkins IN JAIL!"

  1. Mr Watkins, you are a menace to society. Go away…forever. We don’t need you!

  2. Still looks like a little bitch

  3. Something wrong upstairs.

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