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Springfield IL Exposed is an organization of concerned citizens of Springfield and Sangamon County dedicated to accessing and disseminating information concerning news and current or passing events, and publishing articles of opinion and features of interest to the public. We operate strictly on a nonprofit basis.

Our readers demand and deserve timely and up-to-date information about goings-on in the Springfield metro area, and especially what goes on behind closed doors in the many units of government in the area.  We uncover and publish the news and opinion that other media in this town can’t or won’t print or broadcast–whether due to editorial, personnel, advertiser or other constraints.  We are proud to be part of both the “news media” and the “new media.”

We update our webpage at regular intervals, often as news breaks, but at least daily at or before 8:00 p.m.

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8 Comments on "About Us!"

  1. Beware of John “Skip” Meyers. He has a double dose of HERPES and he isn’t shy about sharing it.

  2. Poorlivesmatter | August 20, 2016 at 12:01 pm | Reply

    I agree, I was in the county for 8months and they know nobody gets a shower before you go to the blocks, this is just the tip, how they get away with having one person cell yet counting them as two but one must sleep on the floor, I filed a grievance and was its ok and I’m not sleeping under water line but I’m looking up at the toilet. They make what’s illegal legal in Sangamon Co. We the people the only ones can fix it.

  3. Poorlivesmatter | August 21, 2016 at 2:01 pm | Reply

    I need to address some comments regarding defendant’s accursed of crimes and or convicted complaining about the abuse and violations of their rights by our justice system. Comments such as “shouldn’t got yourself in trouble”, “don’t go to jail “, “don’t break the law”, I agree with these comments however to use this as a justification in order to dismiss one unlawful behavior for another kinda undermines the point. Justice may be different things to different people but most will agree that fairness is one of the elements of justice, no one is above the law. MLK “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere “. We the people are the only ones can fix corrupt local officials in Sangamon Co.

    • You’re absolutely right. However on the list of tax payer priorities, any issues inmates are having fall pretty far on the list of injustices I’m concerned about. So with this common sense understanding, “don’t go to jail” is pretty solid advice. I’m much more concerned about kids not getting enough to eat than the guy who slept on a floor while in jail. Furthermore, this a poor lives matter issue. These are criminals, please call it like it is. Half the problem is people trying to change the issue so it fits their naritive. The issue here isn’t “poor” at all, it’s “criminal.” Now before you say more poor people are incarcerated than rich, you are right. But so are more single parent raised individuals, so are more drug addicts, so are more men than women. The point is any of these could replace the term “poor lives” but only one term is correct and that’s “criminal.” This is half the reason for the whole “fake news” issue we have to hear about every day.

  4. Watch out for Brittany Hall she is a child killer and goes around saying she wants to kill kids and wants to kill special need kids because they are a waste of space!!!

  5. I swear i one of the pictures of a guy on here is my ex-husband. It looks exactly like him. It wouldn’t surprise me if it is him, considering he’s mean, nasty and abusive.

  6. Friendly Friend | July 3, 2018 at 8:02 pm | Reply

    Stay clear of John “Skip” Meyers. He has herpes and has no problem sharing it. He is know to be a liar and brags about being a war hero, NASCAR driver, police hero and the list goes on. He is a pathological liar. You can tell when he is lying, his mouth is moving.

  7. Just a note to pass on….John “Skip” Meyers will soon be moving to Tennessee with his little bride in a few months. I am sure he will be spreading his disease and lies there. And just to let you know, his less-than-ugly bride seems to not care if he keeps on sharing his ailment.

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