A look into Jerrica N. Palmer…

Meet Jerrica N. Palmer of Springfield.

You may remember Jerrica from our previous story Timothy E. Palmer Arrested for the Murder of his son in-law Don C. Danley .

Where on 09/10/2015
Don C. Danley, (husband of Jerrica) was murdered by gunshot wound. (R.I.P Mr. Danley).

Timothy E. Palmer (father of Jerrica) was arrested and later charged in connection with Mr. Danley’s murder. Mr. Palmer is currently behind bars in the Sangamon County Jail on three counts of First Degree Murder with a $2,000,000.00 Bond.

After our first story a slew of emails came in regarding Jerrica like, “Did you know she robbed Dottys?” “Did you know she robbed Family Dollar Too?” “Did you know she clearly had something to do with this also?”.

We wanted to give some time from the original case to look into some of these allegations against Jerrica.

Back in May of this year Jerrica Plead Guilty to a Felony Burglary charge and received 30 months of Probation. This was in connection to an incident with Dottys and around $1450.00 .

At the time of that conviction she was already on probation for a Felony Theft Charge in connection with a Family Dollar case for the amount of $921.14. The probation was agreed not to be violated, and Honorable Judge Belz on 09/11/2015 signed a sealed modification of her probation, but it is unknown what was modified or why.

In 2011 Jerrica was found guilty of Misdemeanor Retail Theft as well.

When the original story posted Jerrica stated a Detective Brown was going to be in touch with us… We reached out to both the Springfield Police and Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office an no Detective Brown wanted to speak with us.

Also Jerrica pointed out something along the lines of “Nobody ever filed charges against wanna know why? Because they ended up in the sangamon river!! I’ve seen it so like I said learn the fucking facts.” This was in relation to speaking about her father. We followed up with local law enforcement and did some research of bodies being found in the Sangamon River. From local law enforcement’s opinion this was merely just an emotional outburst that should not be considered as fact.

As we look into some of the emails and comments submitted on Jerrica in relation to her husband’s death a lot of people stated there is more to the story this that and another. Basically implying Jerrica had something to do with it, after looking back reading the reports talking with some people we find those allegations to be outrageous. Jerrica was a loving wife, who sure had some mistakes in her past, had some issues with her relationship at times, but by no mean wanted her husband dead.

Please take a moment to Click Here to read Mr. Danley’s Obituary and remember him.

May justice be served upon his alleged murderer.

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1 Comment on "A look into Jerrica N. Palmer…"

  1. Just my 2 cents... | January 16, 2016 at 10:53 pm | Reply

    Mental illness is no joke…
    Doubtful he’ll get any more help in prison though.
    Schizophrenia is characterized by a psychotic break episode, usually between 20-30 years old.
    She may be ill herself.

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