A Local Business Owner Blows Gasket On Facebook! – Styx Unlimited Tattoo Emporium.

Remember our story yesterday on Bryan At Styx Tattoo Emporium What Is Going On!? ?

Boy it got a little out of control that’s for sure.

A few things we did learn though…

The tattoo was a copy from another artist anyway.

The tattoo was a bad copy at that.

The aftercare was called into question, but the customer disagrees.

Our local community reached out to help the customer, Other shops in town even offered to help fix the problem for her!

The Owner of Styx Unlimited Tattoo Emporium (Styx Killion) wants to sue us.

Oh and The Owner of Styx Unlimited Tattoo Emporium (Styx Killion) probably shouldn’t be on Facebook representing his business with his mouth…
Keep it classy Springfield!

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33 Comments on "A Local Business Owner Blows Gasket On Facebook! – Styx Unlimited Tattoo Emporium."

  1. I wouldn’t post this about Styx he is obviously defending him self I haven’t seen the photo but he has had some amazing work come out of there I my self have not had a tattoo down by him by his shop is nice it’s clean

  2. I’m on Styx Killion side he’s a good artist and a good guy

  3. You have to know how to take care of a tattoo, the artist will tell you what to do, especially at Styx Killion shop. He done my leg and many of my friends tats, nothing like that ever happened. Facts should be checked before trying to ruin someone me reputation.

  4. I can’t blame him if the integrity of my business was called into question I’d b pissed myself especially when it clearly looked like it was poor after care which means there was nothing he could do about it. Publicly bashing his business.

  5. Styx has every right to use that language and anything else to defend himself and his business.

    Before you post something fact check your stories since the owner of the tattoo came forward and stated that she did not contact this fb site. So you run with any story given.

  6. Just because he’s a business owner doesn’t take away his right to speak his mind. That shows he’s passionate about his work

  7. I ❤ STYX !! They have a great shop and great people and they give people detailed instruction how to care for tattoos and piercings if people are to retarded follow instruction not their fault..j.s.

  8. He used words lightly i think. I’ve gotten a tattoo there and didn’t have a problem and would only go there for any future tattoos. I think other artists on the other post bashing was out of spite. True professionals try to lift one another up, not tear each other down.

  9. I agree with everything he has said. If she can point fingers he should be able to defend his shop and his employees! I haven’t had any issues and have been there plenty of times! Poor tattoo aftercare maybe that person shouldn’t get another tattoo!

  10. Styx does a good job. Didn’t have any problems. Paid an arm and leg but it’s worth it for quality.. My tattoo was nice quality work. Everything was clean and sanitized for both tattoos and piercings.

  11. Styx does many and I’ve seen the wrk does reallyyyyy well

  12. I kind of agree with the dude. I mean..what does a piss test have to do with anything? and I’m not sure that a non tattoo artist could look at or judge exactly what had happened. I’m not really too informed on the details of the story though. I have plenty of tats, none ever got infected. Who knows what happened here though. Could be a lot of variables. Seems shitty to damage a shops reputation without cause though

  13. The real question that should be asked is why did styx have to drug test? You would think a business owner would want to represent themselves in a more professional way.

  14. I Dont Know Styx Personaly But The Times I Have Talked To Him At The Shop Hes A Damn Good Guy And I Have Never Once Had A Any Problem Of Any Kind With The Work (Tattoos) Nor The Artist. Its Not Styx Fault The Fuckard Who Had The Work Done Didnt Follow Directions And Take Proper Care Of It.

  15. Where do you get all of your “facts”? Proper aftercare could have prevented this girls issues. I have multiple tattoos and none ever got infected. I saw the pics and honestly it looks as though, in some areas of the work, that she had scratched it as it was healing and gouged herself and then failed to take care of it thus CAUSING the infection. As far as suing you, yeah, I would. He should.


  17. Styx is an awesome artist and a hell of a good guy. Bought a tattoo from him for an old girlfriend of mine, and it came out damn good. Still looks good today (6 years later). Don’t know his other artists in the shop, but I can be almost certain Styx isn’t going to let garbage work in his shop, and definitely not let something like that leave his shop until properly fixed (we’re all humans, and we make mistakes from time to time).

  18. A friend had a few tats before and failed to tell the artist she was diabetic and thar caused a reaction to some of the color pigment it looked very much like the photos. But the artist is not to blame it looks like the person had no idea how to care for a tattoo.

  19. The story didn’t say the owner himself did the tattoo. The article says “Bryan” that works at his shop did the tattoo. I don’t see any bashing of the tattoo shop personally but to one of their employees. Besides her trying to contact them & getting no response the business itself was not bashed.

  20. The picture of the tattoo leaving the shop looked terrible. This tattoo never looked good.

  21. There was enough people defending the tattoo shop on the post to make people question the OP. It is fine to defend yourself too, but I would expect a business owner to be a little more professional about it.


  23. It was never a good looking tattoo. And didn’t look healthy from the beginning. I don’t know that any amount of after care neglect can cause that much damage. I hate to admit I’ve neglected a few of my tats and the never looked like this.

  24. Styx is a bad ass artist. I never got a tattoo from him but the artist named Bryan did it, & copied another artists work! Well attempt it but if she tried to contact them then they should cover it up. That poor woman have to pay for a cover up from another artist, when she should of went to the artist who done the original tattoo.

  25. Why are you people making this about Styx when the original story is about Bryan? I love how people are so quick to comment only after they read the headline…Lazy fucks

  26. This tattoo is terrible on every level. Tattoos are permanent & this isn’t a tiny error!

  27. I think it’s safe to say we all know cocaine leaves your system in 72 hours! 9 days ago really doesn’t make anything promising. If he could elaborate what day of the week his drug test was on that’d be great!

  28. People are always haters. I’ve gotten tattoos from Brian and Styx’s. I’ve never had any problems like that. And idk why anyone would want another tattoo someone else all ready has be original. I support styxs he’s a badass and has always done bad ass work. Leave them alone the girl don’t know how to take care of it obviously. She had it uncovered in the sun after she got it done there’s a pic of it that right there shows me she don’t know how to take of it

  29. Aaron cody | May 5, 2016 at 4:02 pm | Reply

    I went to styx to gert my prince albert. Was done by a guy named stephen ad
    Nd his apr. Did a great job i still have it it was never infected or anything. I cant speak for tattoos cause i have only one person i go to for tattoos. His name is billy baker you can blank that name out if you so choose. But the piercing stephen does is top notch. I have also seen other work he has done. I just thought i wpuld post tgis so that hia work isnt being drug through the mud ovwer it. Thats all. Be peachy all. 😉

  30. I have gotten the majority of my tattoos at Styxx by several different artists and I have never had a problem like this.
    I have always had quality work and never had any complaints about any of the artists.
    As a matter of fact, I have always been told that if I am not satisfied with the tattoo I could come in and have it touched up within a 90-day period.
    always been given good care at home instructions and followed them,therefore I’ve never had a problem.

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