48 Year Old Escort… Keep It Classy Taylorville! – Linda Skinner

Meet Linda Skinner from Taylorville.

Linda here is keeping it classy on Springfield IL Backpage representing the good old town of Taylorville!

Who wants to take those boots off??

For a merely $80 for an half hour you can have ALL of that!

So we reached out to her on the number “217 565-0969” in the ad…

She told us her name was Linda and wanted to talk details even! BUT she did ask if we were a cop!!!

It is crazy to think the wide variety of body types, ages, etc you find selling “escort” services online… One of our admins in a younger black guy and he said its because their is a buyer for every type of woman… When then asked him if he’d sleep with Linda and he said yes… #BlackGuysLoveFatWhiteGirls isn’t that the sayin?

Now Linda here hasn’t been accused of any crimes formally, but we can all guess what happens during these “escort” services… Especially when she has to ask “are you a cop” before you meet her. Good luck guys and stay safe!

Oh and Taylorville way to go you guys just keep living up to that Trailerville nickname!

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3 Comments on "48 Year Old Escort… Keep It Classy Taylorville! – Linda Skinner"

  1. linda kay durbin | November 11, 2015 at 2:33 pm | Reply

    yeah, if this gets published, this site is a hack!!! I do have a fb account under linda skinner, BECAUSE linda durbin was hacked! Is this the way you people try to get stories? and yes I had the photos taken, for my bf! how in the hell do u people get this crap? everything on this story is a lie, and if you know computers, u can get to it. That’s my bad. But I am not an escort, you all were probably the ones who posted the first hack job on fb. how in the hell do you sleep at night? ruining peoples lives, or trying to, over nonsense? I get freedom of speech but, when it comes to people you just pick out of the air…..WTF??? AND… what gives you the right to mess with people, you all are sick, disturbed individuals who definitely need a life.

  2. I can use you love oral giving receiving have a few fetish’s love redheads

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