41 Year old Dennis R. McGrew, Found Deceased In Vehicle

Late yesterday we brought to you on our Facebook page about how a man was found slumped over in a Silver Dodge Charger near Wesley and Clearlake in Springfield.

Though it was immediately available to us, we elected not to release the name until the family had been notified.

41 Year old Dennis R.  Mcgrew was the man according to reports.

Mr. McGrew was the owner of Dennis McGrew Tattoos and according to many was a very talented and caring artist.

According to initial reports Mr. McGrew was inside this vehicle for several hours. One report even read “witness walked by several hours prior thought the man was a undercover police officer, came by again and thought something was odd and contacted authorities”. Sources close to the victim is stating the cause of death was due to an apparent drug overdose.

RIP Dennis McGrew

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40 Comments on "41 Year old Dennis R. McGrew, Found Deceased In Vehicle"

  1. Prayers for his family. Addiction is absolutely horrible.

  2. Heroin took another brother

  3. So sad. Prayers for the family and friends

  4. Gideon Hector McLean wasn’t sure if you saw this and knew him. So sad 🙁

  5. Snarky McSnark | August 17, 2017 at 6:11 pm | Reply

    Probably heroin again. Fucking garbage, not that other hard drugs won’t kill you too, it’s just so easy to make a mistake with smack. Poor bastard. RIP.

  6. Awe Man Dennis! :((( Prayers for your family.

  7. Prayers for his family and friends.

  8. Kynzlee Hearns tell Denise even tho we don’t talk or like each other if this true I’m sorry for her lose and if she need anything she can hmu since your not here

  9. RIP Dennis Mcgrew! Please if you struggle with addiction there is help! Your story don’t have to end this way! Prayers and love for the family!

  10. I found him with my neighbor yesterday and called police it’s so sad

  11. Sad to see this happened to Dennis 🙁

  12. Omfg that’s horrible! He was an amazing artist and great person. He will be missed by many

  13. Damn. We used to ride to work together in Decatur. 🙁

  14. Matt BiggersBiggers. Justin Sidener

  15. Sad. Happened a street over from us. You never know what’s going on!

  16. Why is it necessary for everyone to know what happened??
    Dont you think his family has been through enough without having the world know their business? Hes dead, end of story.

  17. This page is a fucking joke. His family has been through enough and to blast this shit all over the place is completely unnecessary. Fucking bastards.

  18. Nancy franklin | August 17, 2017 at 8:43 pm | Reply

    He was an amazing guy!!! He and my son were friends over 25 years!! I always called him one of my kids!! Your free now babe!!! My prayers are with ur beautiful daughters and ur family

  19. Damn 🙁 Rest easy, man!

  20. Dammit. RIP

    Hopefully this may get some of his friends who are also struggling into recovery.

  21. Rest day beautiful uncle. Thanks for my bomb ass ink!! I’ll carry you with me always

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