37 Registered SEX OFFENDERS Within 2 MILES Of The Illinois State Fair! DETAILS AND PICTURES INSIDE!

Earlier we brought you the story of Beware Of 1934 North 7th Street When Heading Out To The Illinois State Fair! – Jasen Michael Manuele.

Though Mr. Manuele is not a registered sex offender, people still needed to be aware he has threatened to rape and beat several children.

Take a look at this map below!
37 Registered Sex Offenders within a TWO MILE RADIUS!

Below we have included pictures and the details of their registry. Be aware, be alert, be safe!
SexOffendersNearFair1 SexOffendersNearFair2 SexOffendersNearFair3 SexOffendersNearFair4 SexOffendersNearFair5 SexOffendersNearFair6 SexOffendersNearFair7 SexOffendersNearFair8 SexOffendersNearFair9 SexOffendersNearFair10 SexOffendersNearFair11 SexOffendersNearFair12 SexOffendersNearFair13 SexOffendersNearFair14 SexOffendersNearFair15 SexOffendersNearFair16 SexOffendersNearFair17 SexOffendersNearFair18 SexOffendersNearFair19 SexOffendersNearFair20 SexOffendersNearFair21 SexOffendersNearFair22 SexOffendersNearFair23 SexOffendersNearFair24 SexOffendersNearFair25 SexOffendersNearFair26 SexOffendersNearFair27 SexOffendersNearFair28 SexOffendersNearFair29 SexOffendersNearFair30 SexOffendersNearFair31 SexOffendersNearFair32 SexOffendersNearFair33 SexOffendersNearFair34 SexOffendersNearFair35 SexOffendersNearFair36 SexOffendersNearFair37

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3 Comments on "37 Registered SEX OFFENDERS Within 2 MILES Of The Illinois State Fair! DETAILS AND PICTURES INSIDE!"

  1. DrunkenDave Detzburg | August 12, 2016 at 6:54 am | Reply

    Samuel Arnold has done a lot more than that, was just never reported or caught. He’s a crackhead too, and a thief. Claims to be in home repair but never finishes the work after he takes the cash for it. He used to live out at the Bel Aire before it got torn down and nobody would let their kids around him after he was caught with two 13 year old girls in his room. He says he was “talking” to them, but who does that?

  2. All these sick bastards need to be takn out an shot

  3. It’s more than these sick individuals around.I know some that is not registered and STILL goes to the fair!

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