20 Years For Murder?? Victim Was Only A Kid…

As we dig back into archives (because the county is playing games with us delaying records for 21 business days), tonight we bring you the story of Mason Weems.

Meet Mason Weems..

You may remember Mr. Weems from the 2008 death of Anakin Credit. Mr. Weems was babysitting Anakin while his mother was at work. Mr. Weems told authorities he’d fallen in the bathtub and had trouble breathing.

Mr. Weems was indicted three years later on the first-degree murder and aggravated battery charges.

There were a lot of mistakes made with this case from the start, and none of the experts could agree with each other.  The Sangamon County States Attorney agreed to dismiss the Murder Charge and plea Mr. Weems out to 20 Years on the Aggravated Battery Charge.

Since Mr. Weems was convicted under a Class X Sentence, he has to serve 85% of his time which is around 17 years. He also will have 3 years of Parole when released.

Our question for you is even with the circumstances around the case…

Is 20 Years Enough For Killing A Child??

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R.I.P Anakin Credit.

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12 Comments on "20 Years For Murder?? Victim Was Only A Kid…"

  1. This is my aunts son! Such a sad situation! Prayers.

  2. So sad! R.I.P my Lil cousin. Angela Diane Credit

  3. Thankfully, baby killers don’t do well in prison.

  4. iwas there at hospital on this day the boy’s father is my nephew I read the cornors report was messed up so bad from very beginning as former emt I know bruises on the head and other injuries do not come from falling bathtub he will get his punishment some day by the good lord

  5. Angela D. Credit | October 8, 2015 at 4:02 pm | Reply

    The Victim Anakin D. Credit along with his father, mother sisters and brother deserve justice… Anakin was and will always be a beautiful essence whom I am forever grateful to have been blessed to have as my nephew.. So many tears have been shed from both Anakin and Mason’s families I just hope that someday all our hearts can somehow heal and become whole once again as I know Anakin resides with my lord and savior and fears no evil as he walks through the valley of eternal death..R.I.P. Anakin love always and forever aunt LaLa

  6. 20 years isn’t long enough.

  7. Michele Haworth- did you know this was on here?

  8. THAT”S ALL?? He should never be released. Too bad we don’t have the death penalty anymore….I don’t know of anyone more deserving!

    • did you know him though? I don’t think you did. Well let me tell you a little bit about him from his DAUGHTERS perspective, he never hurt us, he loved every one of his kids and no matter what nonsense anyone will put into a 14 year old girls head about her father, I will continue to believe my dad is innocent. if your dad was put in prison, would YOU enjoy reading all these comments about how horrible he was and that he abused ALL his kids and whatever else they say, when I’m telling you first person that stuff is lies. now, when you wrote this comment I was 12, I wouldn’t have said a thing, it’s been two years though and I’ve grown up just a little bit and I hope you have too.

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