17 Year Old Backpage Escort – Cierra Hoover aka CeeCee Boo aka Brittany?

Cheyenne M. Hoover
How many of you know Cierra Hoover?? See goes by the Facebook Name CeeCee Boo

Maybe you know her by the phone number 2176703582? Maybe you know her by the backpage escort name of Brittany?
Tsk tsk… Several reports have came in on this girl over the recent months… Here is the problem she JUST a kid!! 17 YEARS OLD!!   She was born in 1998 guys! So for all of you who where purchasing those “massages” SHAME ON YOU!

Reports are coming in that Ms. Hoover here was pressured into becoming a backpage escort by an older experienced one, who also is family to her.

Reports have also come in that Ms. Hoover has switched from providing services to allegedly committing what the industry refers to as “john robbery” or “dance and run”. BEWARE!!!

We will be doing a follow up story further on this girl, one of her “clients”, and the family member who “pimped” her into the industry.

Till then Ms. Hoover quit while you are ahead before you get in too deep.

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41 Comments on "17 Year Old Backpage Escort – Cierra Hoover aka CeeCee Boo aka Brittany?"

  1. Haha Cheyenne hoover must be the relative. Cheyenne and Chelsey garren (or megan) are also hoeing around

  2. Courtney Nicolee this is that girl !

  3. Cierra JUST TURNED 17 in NOVEMBER!!! Been on backpage for over a year accorind to sources!

  4. Sources close to the child reports her older Aunt in an experienced back page escort and started pimping Cierra Out when she was 15/16 !

  5. Insurance Fraud? Escorting days after the wreck!?


  7. Her own mom BOBBIE JO “HO” FRANKLIN


  8. Her last name isn’t Hoover…at all.! And she is 17!!! It’s fucking disgusting.!! The whole family is.! Brandis a piece of shit for that, where is the parental guidance or care=!?

  9. Samee Fickas Brandi Fickas Bobbie Jo Franklin

  10. Heard she was behind Springfield goofies.

  11. She’s behind Springfield goofies!

  12. I really don’t know why I am tagged in this to defend her SHE THINKS SHE IS GROWN I have been fighting with her called the police on her they can’t seem to help me this is what She gets for thinking she is so fucking smart parental guidance tf none of u have been thru it so who tf are u to pass judgment on the next IDGAF what anyone has to say about me I take care of my kids and HERS this is Her problem not mine I knew it was coming and here it is Cierra this is what u want ppl to see u as HERE YA GO NOW I am gonna feed my kids this good old Saturday Breakfast and finish watching cartoons with my grand baby but know that MFS LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULDNT THROW STONES!!!!!! Havr a blessed day

  13. I no u took good care of her now she thinks she is grown

  14. I used to post posters and chase her around in the streets but I can’t do that anymore because I have to be home and take care of her son

  15. U should have to chase her around let her see how hard it is going to be on the street

  16. Exactly… She gonna learn ON HER OWN…..

  17. That back Bitch hoe ain’t no Hoover .

  18. Go where ?? I’m an open book I ain’t got shit to hide

  19. I am not gonna entertain this shit this is Cierra shit she made this name for herself

  20. Cory Painter & Brean Mercier tell this dumb bitch she don’t wanna fuck with the big sis . Lol. She will get her feelings hurt.

  21. Goodbye I am grown if there was Facebook back in the day a lot of ppl would be in this situation…. And idgaf about any of u btw

  22. Just curious ….how is insurance fraud going on?….can someone explain that

  23. Lol the number got shut off

  24. Why is this on my news feed?!? I don’t even know you people! Except Sam, she’s my niece


  26. Yall are bogus af bobbie did what she culd to keep her straight and she was doing good for awhile and something or someone convinced her ro go back to her old ways

  27. Is this really what people are gonna do with their lives? Km not jus talking bout the back page thing.. Its all these comments n stuff like really? What’s the point of talking down on someone that has no effect on you what so ever? Y’all are older then me.. Some of y’all r acting like little kids but when teens act older its a bunch of bs…. Yeah okay…

  28. Cory Painter ain’t this your sons BM?

  29. Bobbie Ho and Cory drop the bish off to turn the trick. ND have they boys breaking into houses stealing drugs clothes guns whatever. SICK ASS SPRINGFAILURES

  30. My mom might not defind her cause I get were she coming from but y’all can talk all the shit y’all want y’all ain’t gonna do shit this cause even if u try u gotta get threw me first

  31. I’m her aunt and yes Bobbie Joe is to blame and her aunt this is sick she had a kid at 14 by an older guy and sells herself her mom is aware her 11 year old ran away for a min that whole family is beyond saving we distance ourselves I don’t know where they live or I would call Dcfs or cops

  32. It’s cierra Stengel

  33. I hope several are arrested for this I also think her baby needs to go to a good home kid doesn’t stand a chance where he is ! She sells her link and lives off there ssi checks she needs to be exposed to !


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