18+ ONLY STORY!!! – Can You Identify This Home Wrecker!?!?

Springfield Exposed needs your help! Can anyone identify this home wrecker pictured below!?

We are working on exposing a great story on this home wrecker! Email, comment, or message us if you know who this is!


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122 Comments on "18+ ONLY STORY!!! – Can You Identify This Home Wrecker!?!?"

  1. I did I wasn’t expecting that lol u really don’t no who that is

  2. We don’t know for certain it came in with a name

  3. Tell us who in nosey as hell

  4. Till we confirm from a few we can’t say for sure

  5. How did she get someone to sleep with her

  6. My damn iCloud got hacked again (kidding that is NOT me)

  7. Why is her face covered up? Don’t body shame guys. Maybe she’s bloated lmao!

  8. I just want to no who it is so she can be tagged so we can roast her ass lol

  9. I think it’s safe to say that if someone knows who she is by looking at that picture then they know her better than they’d like to admit.

  10. Yeah and no man probly wants to admit knowing that lol

  11. Justinna Wideman wait a minute someone emailed in and said it was you….

  12. Lol I know for sure who it is i have the one that was posted wit the face in it but im just here to the comments lol

  13. Brittany Hull who is it lol message us. We are getting conflicting stories

  14. The fuck it is and its one of my enemies yes I wan to expose her so bad

  15. Ty Brittany Hull that bitch robbed me for 700.00

  16. I want to put that pic all on Feb

  17. Justinna Wideman her time will come soon message us your story on her

  18. Omg the suspense is killing me

  19. Fick that thieving ass bitch oooh just release it dam it lol

  20. Y’all sick asf grow tf up . and whoever took this picture is a petty ass child in the head apparently ! Half of y’all that commented talking shit got sloppy ass bodies they self so no need to point fingers โœŠ

  21. Who is it I wanna know if I know her!!

  22. That’s not why we’re clowning around. Regardless of what our bodies look like, we’d never lay down like that and let someone take a picture. Keep it classy springfield!

  23. Miranda Bell she obviously wanted the PUC taken if u don’t like what’s on spfld exposed y take the time to comment and be petty

  24. Cause it was in my news Feed and I’m grown so ….. And apparently she’s asleep so how did she want it taken aw okay ? …

  25. Miranda Bell she admitted she was drunk but knew SEVERAL pictures and videos were taken.

  26. IDC ! That doesn’t make anything right and if you don’t know who she is exactly then how do you know she knew these pics were takin ? And if she did know that doesn’t give anybody the right to post them online

  27. There already posted on Fb on an account face and all

  28. Its fb what do u expect drama and bs

  29. Halei Brincken who tf Chelise Slater Amber NTre

  30. Justinna Wideman who is that??? Atleast her coochy shaved lbvs

  31. Justin Burg what I tell u about taking pics of ur gf

  32. U so suck for making me look at that lol

  33. Lmfao you love that don’t u

  34. Who is it? Lol faith?

  35. I dont know who this is but it no d of looks like she might be passed out

  36. That’s Hailey kelly.

  37. Danny Johnston | November 29, 2015 at 5:59 am | Reply

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!

  38. Hailey kelly for sure

  39. I guess I’m petty that’s haley Kelly and bitch u no u owe me ….. an ass whooping for my 700.00 u stole from me y it pussy look like that tho

  40. I reported this to the police department.

  41. At least her snatch is shaved lol

  42. Looks like she got fucked and put to bed wet lbvs

  43. Lmfao Yeah I saw that….hahahaha

  44. What’s funny is y’all roasting her but her boyfriend at the time took the pic when she was passed out like obviously he’s a fucking pervert like what kinda a mfer in their right mind waits until someone is passed out and spreads and takes a pic of them unknowing like honestly …. The person y’all need to be bashing is aaron miller….

  45. All y’all clowns sound dumb asf . she’s asleep for one and for 2 you fat loose body ass hoes have NO room to talk about anybody body . mfs on here talking shit but getting fired from jobs for stealing tf . aw okay . grown asses ain’t got shit else to do . and I’m not sending shade I’m talking to EVERYBODY !โœ”

  46. When is the story releasing? I’m dying over here

  47. How do I get all these sluts to send me naked pics?

  48. Looks like she got that shit waxed! Jasen manuele can use her pubes to put on his little snitch nuts

  49. Justin N Alisha Gibbons

  50. When is the story coming out?

  51. What would your oldest son think about this fucking dirty ass smdh

  52. What would your oldest son think about seeing his mom like this dumb ass bitch smdh 8 years and ain’t done a dam thing for him or when the last time ya spoke to him

  53. Pussy blew out like Paul D hair from Jersey Shore fucking trick !!

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