1 Star Review Of Convicted Thief’s Unregistered Business Starts A Feud! – Pet Sitting Services (Cassandra Workman)

A reader wrote in today to us to talk about her recent experience with Cassandra Workman Owner of the Unregistered Business Pet Sitting Services. We reached out to the Illinois Secretary of State to check if Cassandra had registered the business and they showed no records. We also checked with the Sangamon County Clerks Office to see if there was an Assumed Business Name filed which she is required to be law, and there was no such either. Click Here to read the Assumed Business Name Law!

According to our reader she hired Cassandra to watch her pet. She ended up cancelling services before ever using them because she had cancelled her trip. Allegedly Cassandra “cussed her out” for cancelling the services so the reader left her a 1 star review.

Look at the Facebook Page of Pet Sitting Services, there has been a few 1 star reviews.
The ratio though on good verse bad is pretty good.

The alleged actions of this “business owner” and her “claim to be sister” is what makes this very untasteful.
Above is the message from the sister to our reader. Jeesh what is wrong with people using that damn slander word like the know what it means? Tsk tsk.

The interesting part comes from the “owner” Cassandra Workman
Cassandra Workman don’t forget you also have the 3 retail theft charges you have used to “provide for your family”. Two of the three you have pled out to, while you go to court again on Monday (11/30/2015) for the third.

Readers beware! Naturally if the owner is going to send her sister after you(according to the reader the sister or the owner called the readers husband’s job trying to get him fired for no reason) over a bad review, I’d be scared to know whats going on while she is housesitting your dog in your house. Lets also not forget those retail theft charges…

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49 Comments on "1 Star Review Of Convicted Thief’s Unregistered Business Starts A Feud! – Pet Sitting Services (Cassandra Workman)"

  1. I seen this that’s just crazy

  2. I know her lol was waiting for this, you will probably get flooded with emails

  3. Lies. Yall take cyber bullying to the next level.

  4. Katness Johnson lies that she has 2 convictions and another pending already this year? And she wants the house sit for me and my dog? I think I’ll pass… I mean we can post her mugshots?

  5. It’s cyber bullying. Everyone has a past and we don’t know the story. I’m sure you have a past you don’t want people to know about. I do too. This is just hateful.

  6. A past… She was Arrested less than a few months ago…

  7. I saw the post tricia never used her and doesn’t even remember why she left her a 1 star review. I’m sure you haven’t even asked her side. You just assumed one side is true.

  8. And she wants to bring her unregistered business shop lifting self into my house when I’m out of town? I’ll for sure pass…

  9. It’s in the past and we don’t know the story we only see whats online.

  10. We do know that she has a CURRENT PENDING CASE FOR THEFT

  11. Which could be dropped, again we don’t know the story. Everyone makes mistakes and it looks like she works her ass off to provide for her family if she’s saying in messages she’s the only provider. The economy sucks right now who knows why or if there’s a reason behind it.

  12. We all have dirty laundry

  13. I love that on her Facebook page she’s claiming to shut it down “due to cyber bullying”

  14. I would never want my children to see me acting the way you people are. I wouldn’t want my kids to think this behavior is ok and cyber bullying is ok

  15. She’s the one cyber bullying people. Lol

  16. And this fresh new profile Katness Johnson… smh

  17. She even messaged me I ignored it

  18. Brooke I would have too if I was her. No one cares to find the truth but only to bully and spread lies smh

  19. If we had a dollar for every time someone said slander, police, libel, etc I could buy an island to ship all these nuts off too

  20. Says the fake profile .

  21. Brooke Krouse she been to quiet must be switching accounts lol

  22. Stop … We’re bullying

  23. Oh okay… funny you know we were never called bullies in the boob pics that’s the one I would have expected it on.

  24. Alright I’m done here onto new things. Enjoy the comment wars.

  25. Interesting… she been screwing people for years now and makes it look like she’s the victim.. finally it’s out in the open

  26. Omg. This is hilarious.

  27. I’ve known Cassandra for awhile now. She knows you for about 2 days and calls you your bff! Annnd she’ll call you like your dating. So annoying. She stole $5.00 from me because she didn’t have money on her debt card. She also cheated on her boyfriend with a lot of men…including strangers. This girl (i call her girl cause she never grows up) is full of drama, very immature, and uses people for rides then calls ya nasty names! She is also very clingy!

  28. Innocent Bystander | December 1, 2015 at 11:41 am | Reply

    I worked with her mother and she raised money for a person w cancer and KEPT the money. She had a medical condition in her eye and they did an experimental prodedure that cost 3k an eye, which the mother of the mother paid for, but Cassandra held a benefit for her mother’s experimental procedure to raise money. As a good person, another coworker went to our boss to see if there was anything we could do to get it covered by insurance. The insurance asked for records and they were never submitted to see if an exception could be made. She would rather take money from other people to pay for her procedure and “trip” to have it done. The trip was no longer than it took her to drive to work. In her NEW CAR that she mysteriously showed up with after the benefit. The whole family is a hot mess and should not be trusted for shit. And yes, katness is probably Cassandra or her mother Renee. And I’m sorry, but I’d your the only one working to provide in your family… maybe you need to tell your husband or bf to get off his ass and work too.
    Cassandra worked for a friend of mine and was having her bf meet her at her house while animal sitting so that her husband wouldn’t know… hmmmm. Sheisty all the way around.

  29. I first met Cassandra or Cassie about 4 years ago. I had known her for a few month before she stole money from the DSA company that I work for. She almost got my contract with them. Thankfully I had all of my documentation. She is nothing but a liar and thief! I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her!

  30. Where can I find her the information on her charges I know someone that she is trying to get money from and would love to show then her crumble record

  31. What is so ridiculous is this isnt the first time Ive heard this name or these same kinds of stories, yet people still get taken? I mean….fool me once….

  32. Was she prosecuted for the stealing at the company? Or for taking $ from the benefit? And I would actually love to see those mug shots:)
    That ‘bf’ of hers in the pic is actually her husband…that knocked her up while she was still with hubby #1. Classy right?! And I can assure you w/ 110% certainty there is NO REASON the affair-found husband can’t work…their 1yr old even goes to daycare everyday! So he’s a stay at home…??? Luckily her little boy from hubby#1 isn’t in her care too much! So she works (aka steals and lies) to provide that dude a Harley? Truck? New cars?
    For reasons beyond the 8th degree of creepy I have filed harassment charges against this disturbed little girl…4 phone numbers blocked,2 fbook pages, and called my work. It’s EXTRA creepy because, as stated earlier, she’s gets SO OBSESSED with you and begs to be ur bff, begs to hangout and talk..oh but WHEN she knows you’ve figure her out, that’s when this crazy appears.
    I could go on and on…she’s so twisted it’s scary. I honestly believe this girl TRULY thinks shes a wonderful person, the world owes her, she’s entitled to all this & has zero grasp of humanity, morals & honesty. I’m just frustrated and curious–as many many others–why hasn’t she been prosecuted for more? The unlicensed business? Stealing from multiple jobs?
    Will this third retail theft charge finally earn her a felony?!

  33. Worked with her for a short while. She tried to sue multiple people/companies for bogus reasons. Owes me $ I will never see & showed up at a customer’s house (uninvited) to try to get a petsitting job! She lies, steals, & threatens to sue over anything. Not surprised by any of this news. Terrible person!

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